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Oh how i love the white swan that swims freely above. kinda reminds me of black swan. Nina Portman. Vintage woman. All so gorgeous and le beautiful D:
And why am i using the word "le" whenever i thought words might be cool of i use that in front of it? Geez. I'm getting autism every single day. Maybe it's because this boredom and ennui. Urbandictionary says ennui defines bored in high and critical situation already which will cause death and whatever but i don't care i like to use the word ennui. But oh well who cares anywaysssss. No one even wants to read this piece of shit. If you read it, i'm really really honored. Like throw confetti and say thank you endlessly. Geez what am i saying actually.

So tonight i had a lotta fun. Well actually everytime i'm with Pinge i have a lot of fun since she's a very humorous person and easy-going but anyone has their own bad sides anyways soo yeah. What my point here is i had a lot of fun hanging out with Pinge and friends although my mom forbids me to hang out with them cause they're all pimis. And as pimis i mean *insert password cause it's a bit controversial*. Actually to be honest i'm a bit sad and dissapointed of how my mom is soo racist over some types of people just because of her past or anything that makes her trauma. Not that i'm blaming her, but shouldn't we all be friends without seeing their skin color and ethnic and shits? Cause it's unfair for me and for them to be forbidden like this, i mean we don't even do anything wrong with each other's race or create a din or something but we cannot are forbidden to be friends with each other. Isn't it a lil bit absurb and selfish, don't you think? But oh well i'm not the type of good girl that obeys my mom's every single word anyway. There's one time my mom said to me about the time when she was young, she said this word "the more you forbid me, the more i do it" and i replied "Exactly". LOL you know what i mean right? Like mother, like daughter.

Okay back to the topic. So i had fun. And what else? Okay. Everybody seems to be very interested with what i study in Jakarta and they all are very curious with what i've done there. What i study there. So i showed some of my creations during studying there and everybody seems to be impressed. But honestly i don't think my creation is great :/ And then they talk about Teochew languange, and they all wanna learn a bit or two. They all say to me that everytime they wanna learn Teochew and they ask random chinese people to teach them, they always get a lot of lanciao, cibai, siaunang and such.. No, the chinese people of course didn't scold them. They teach them those words. And this is what makes me very literally pissed off with chinese people here. You got some people that is interested with your languange and you teach them those kinds of words? You stupid or what? You wanna make all the people think we chinese people is uneducated and only knows how to call names is it? Or you want people to think we only know how to act like a gangsta? Stupid leh. VERY. or should i say. Okay lah you know i know we all know that they only interested for a while but at least teach them to speak proper ones, okay. Show them that we deserve a respect from them, cause we respect them too since we give them a good teaching when they ask us about our languange. And even though we didn't get their respect, or they mock on us after we're being good to them, it's their problem and it's them who are bad. Why must give them shit first while they didn't do anything to you at first? No wonder pimis and chins are so hard to live harmonious together. You guys fight over such small shit. Actually if i have to be honest, i'm sick with both of the race though. Although me myself are born with both of that races. How can i not be sick? You guys never shows me any good sides of both of that races.

/le sigh

wow i rant so much shit. Better end here.

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