friend? no?

i noticed that all bloggers that i follow rarely post anything up now. idk if this is because of school, or holiday, or whatever shit it has to be; what i know is i feel lonely .____. i miss those ridiculous and silly posts they made. LOL no offense though.

well as the title above, today i'm gonna write something that has to do with this thing called FRIEND. there's no need to explain, let alone define what friend is this. we all know so well. but i just can't stand some people that admit themselves as somebody elses' friend while they didn't do or act like one. you know what i mean?

well if i have to sort it out, there's 3 most common types of so-called 'friend' that you wouldn't want to have.

1. A 'friend' that use you.
By the word 'use', i mean using you as a weapon for their enemy, or using you to get close to their crush, or to even 'steal' your popularity if you even have one. This kind of friend usually always sticks with you, but when you really need them, they just fucking ignore you like a piece of trash. well how to see if your friend are this kind of type? well, i don't know. usually you just know it by seeing their behaviour.

2. A friend that BFF's your money rather than you.
Well you know what i mean if you're a rich person or just being generous and people start to use your kindness as an advantage.

3. The worst type of all, they admit themselves as your BFF but in your back they bitch about you.
Honestly, i really hate this kind of friend (although sometimes i am one, oops). I mean if you hate me, just walk away from me. Why do you have to like pretend that you like me and then you bitch about me? What's more, i trust you for keeping all my private secrets, how could you just bitch it out to other people easily like that? How would you feel if people you trust betrays you like that? Right?

Anyone wanna add some more of this self-admit friend type?

If no, imma give solutions to avoid this type of so-called 'friend'.

Trust no one but yourself.

well you might not agree with my opinion but this is what i think. befriend with anybody, but don't trust them like you trust yourself so much. you won't know when will they betray you.

"oh they won't betray me i know them so well blablablabla and other shit.."

remember, people change.

Solutions for those who already involved with these kind of people?

Just walk away from them.

There's no need to explain much to those kind of people yet alone bother to change them into 'nicer' ones. They done it once, they got advantages, they will do it again. so yeah.

Yeahhh umm i think that's enough ranting nonsense for today.

Don't comment shit such as "you're wrong blah blah blah" cause i'm sick of it.
It's my opinion, bitch.

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  1. LOLOL I actually agree with you :D
    I mean, just because you're friends with that person and then suddenly that person just ditches you, you start crying, are you serious? == It's your own fault, you're too naive is what people say :D I mean I always pass by these types of situations in dramas, LOL. Kinda cliché I think XD

  2. i do write some shits on my blog dude, just please come and drop some comments..

    those tree types you wrote, i had it all. OMFG i live with a lot of shits around me. God dammit!!!! MFG fuck those drama queens