Day 5 and Day 6, and a lil' bit of something else

Just in case you guys gets confused with the title, i'm doing a 10 day challenge thing right now. And i'm doing day 5 and day 6 at once cause i wanna finish this sooner. if you're interested on my previous day challenge, here's the link to day 1, day 2, day 3, and day 4.

Now, it's for

Day 5 : Six of your favorite books.

i personally don't really like reading books, whether it's school books, novel, or even comics. So it's hard for me to say six books that i favorited cause i never like or favorite any books. But if i really had to say a book that gives me impression, imma say my sister's handmade comics. They are all awesome, and have great storyline in it. Oh if only i can show you guys how awesome it is. :D

but i don't even know if her comic is considered a book or not.

Oh well let's just skip to day 6.

Day 6 : Five things you can eat everyday.

Like come on. You ask an eating-monster a food question? Are you kidding me?
  1. Rice. I live in Asia. I live in Indonesia, which people eat rice everyday. If you didn't eat any rice (even just for a lil' bit) you're gonna feel weird.
  2. Getting trickier. I guess imma say snack. Whether it's cookies, or chips, or noodles. Oh come on i eat that everyday! >;O
  3. Chilli. I cannot live without this thing. It gives food a whole new taste and aroma. Mmm NOW IM HUNGRY
  4. Meat. Chicken, fish, or whatever it is, you cannot live a day without them, right? Oh. Except for the vegetarian, of course. :-|
  5. Veggies. Even if you don't like it, your mom must be paksa-ing you to eat it. haha
guess what, i think imma do day 7 too. Since it's about songs that describe my life right now which i also wanna tell about.

Day 7 : Four songs that describe your life right now.

The one and only and the most exact one.

"i dont know if i'll make it, but watch how good i fake it.."

no need four song. this song already describe me so well. besides the kick-ass lyrics it's fucking catchy too.


Besides above songs, lately i'm kinda in love with big time rush's songs and boys too. Especially Logan ;3 THEY'RE ALL SO CUTE. and funneh :'D
i never miss watching their show on Nickelodeon now. Ohmaigash.

From left to right : Kendall, Carlos, Logan, and James. Name based on the film. Idk what's their real name, or those are actually their real names.

SEE. SEE. LOGAN SO HANDSOME. Plus in the film he's the smart type. Of course i'll go crazy for him. AH.

currently i love one of their song called "Boyfriend".
Oh how i wish Mr.B and Mr.K could sing me this song. That'll be like sooo sweet. :'D

Oh and in their film there's a little girl known as Katie (based on Big Time Rush film. Her real name is Ciara Bravo) too. Her character in that film is super smart and cool, or should i say more mature than the boys. LOL she's super cute!! Me gusta herrr <_____>

A damn chio and kawaii face of hers.


And then there's another song that i love. Christina Grimmie's song. You know, last time she was just a girl on Youtube singing lots of covers. Guess what, now she had become a famous singer and she already had her first album! *throws confetti for her* No surprise though, since her voice is that heavenly.

I love one of her album song called "Advice". AND OHHEYLOOK! IT ALREADY HAS IT'S MUSIC VIDEO! how Christina become successful in the nick of time makes me give her total respect and amazement.

That's her first music video. At first you'll be like WTF is this, but after you hear it again and again you'll going to understand the meaning of this song and you'll be like "THIS IS THE BEST SONG EVER." i promise.

Oh her other song is super great too. Another one of my favorite song from her called "Ugly". Try search it on Youtube and hear it. Super catchy this one. :D


Last song that stuck on my mind. Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO.

There's no particular reason why i like this song though. At first when i hear this song, i thought i would be hatin' it since it's kinda a dubstep song and too much beat. But who knows, now everyday i hear this song over and over and over and over..

No wonder it got into Top 10 song right.

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