boohoo for you


I just realized something. I realized that i'm such a coward. So coward that i can't even face my own life. That's why it's pathetic. Somehow feel ashamed, somehow feel grateful. Ashamed that i am already this old, but i still cry over life that no matter what i still have to go through. And i'm grateful that i realized it now, not after i do something too stupid to harm my life. This life, no matter what, i have to go through either way. So either i rock the shit out of it and be a little more courageous, or like a chicken, hide forever. Ika, Clarissa and Suvii is right. I should not get upset by just a small matter like this. I'm too stupid. They will eventually go away anyway, so why i have to be ashamed?


And say hello to my new lullaby.

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