26 July Karaoke with friends


I personally had a lot of fun. At first im a bit awkward with a few of my friends cause we haven't met for a long time but after a while i rock the shit out of it LOLz.

Me with Momo and Raka.

Very unglam photo of me. Shit. My friend shouldn't have took this D:
Now everybody knows i'm a insane bitch when it comes to singing. /Le sighh

Me with one of my besties. I love this pic. Idk why it looks so.. Idk. Noisy and nostalgic. AND YESSHH THIS IS UNEDITEDDD 8D

Last pic to end this post.

And if you're wondering why i wear the same T-shirt when i meet Ika is because i meet Ika and Karaoke with my friends ON THE SAME NIGHT. So yeah. Not because i never wash my clothes stupid.

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