yesss you see the post title. i'm gonna blog about her today plus i wanna push down my previous post cause i look like (is it just me or do i look like) some narcisstic girl trying to get attention. -__-


just now i read a lot of her blog entries. i mean like, A LOT. (uhh i'm such a stalker) i wade through a lot of her interesting entries but one that caught my attention the most is this post about how she and her husband Mike's love story and how they married in the end just like a fairy tale awwhh :'D

i mean i don't even know they went through so much to be together!

but what i really admire from Xiaxue is her way of blogging though.

She really knows how to express herself through words without caring how people think about her and although her blog is like super public and readable by thousands even zillions of people, she still can blog and tell her life stories like she's telling secrets to her BFF. and her choice of words and vocabulary; respect!

okay lah, some people may not like how she had done few times of surgeries and such, how fake and unnatural she is, but hey at least look at the bright side she's super gorgeous now and choosing plastic surgery to fix her nose was a good idea :D

and at least she's famous and making a fortune out of it.

not saying that i wanna be 100% exactly like her lah but her way of making people intrigued by her posts and her way of blogging and makes people wanna read more, two thumbs up.

and if you don't know who the hell she is, it's time you have to know about her.


P/S : AND AND I LOVE HER BECAUSE SHE NEVER BLOG WITH TONS OF PHOTOS WITH HER CLEAVAGE OR SEXINESS ON IT like trying to get attention from perverted apeks or horny boys lah can.

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  1. Wow, your post truly inspired me to go to her blog, Susan. The way you promoted her is very sincere and I can tell that it really came from your heart. :)

    I am honestly happy to know that you did not judge her too quickly by her surgeries and what you posted right now, deserves a little more than a credit. ^_^

    This is a very nice gesture, and I hope many of your readers would support Xiaxue as much as you do. :D


  2. Xiaxue's a pretty girl, thanks to cosmetic technology. :D Well, aside from her looks, her posts (I've read them) are entertaining to some degree but it is not intellectual enough for me to come back and read more (It's a personal blog after all :D). The blog is full of advertorial posts and there's not much content. She can be rude and opinionated. Too opinionated, actually. But that's to be expected from a young adult and it's natural for her to come up with those rants, but I do feel there are times when she should mince her words. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for freedom of speech, but there are borderlines which one shouldn't cross.

    As I mentioned before, we have to respect others even if we don't agree with them. It's something Xiaxue should learn as well. You cannot demand for respect, it is earned.

    I know a lot of people don't like her, even to the point of hating her, but that's who she is. She's made a name on her own and I congratulate her for that. It's a pity that her success makes people jealous of her.

    All in all, Xiaxue and her blog are an interesting duo but she doesn't make into my cup of tea. :)

  3. @ Roanne : thank you sweetheart <3 :'D

    @ Kitty : lol yeah she's not the type that everyone likes cause she's like too forward person or something but at least she's not fake, fake by being good in front of a people but speak shits behind em :D

    but yeah, xiaxue needs to learn respecting others, i know . -___-