Resto abang adek

just now my sister and his boyfriend Gema brought me to a resto called Resto Abang Adek. It was located at Mandala Utara no 8. Tomang Jakarta Capital Region.

It is a typical food court that sells noodles, ayam goreng, etc..


this is where the fun part is.
their noodles are super spicy, i repeat, SUPER.

they even have levels of spicyness on their noodles.

they have sedang, pedas, garuk, gila, and pedas mampus.
sedang is the smallest level, while pedas mampus is for those who are monsters in eating spicyness.

me, my sis and Gema ordered Garuk one which is the middle level of spicyness, and this is what it looks like.

that is Gema's. He can't even finish it.

this is how they look like while they're eating that crazy noodle. LOL they're a bit exaggerating though. :B

Sis', she almost finished it 8D

Mine. In the end i'm the one who finished it all.
MUAHAHAHA *insert troll face here*
although i cried a lot while eating LOLs.

after eating we sat for a while to let the *poison* digest in our tummy. and since we sat close to the place where they cook, i asked Gema to take some photos of the "in progress" noodle.

and here it is.

AND YES, you didn't see it wrong. that is all chilli in that plate. they mash it up and mix it with the noodle.

and guess how many chilli they use in a plate of one portion noodle?


and yes, they use the spiciest kind of chilli.

and how does it taste first when the noodle goes into your mouth?
yeah, you can hear your own tastebud explodes.

So, who's interested?

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  1. OH! So this was what you meant by "gonna blog about this shit later -_-" XD
    Indo's are so freakingly scary when it comes to chillies :'| I mean look at the amount of chillies D:
    You look so much like your sister :B The only difference is that she's fairer and you're tanner lmao. XD
    I want to try the noodles leh ;____;

  2. I can't stand very hot food. I mean very pedaaaasss *LOL* food as I grew up in a family that doesn't like too much chilli in the cooking. So I don't think I'll survive those noodles. Hahaha!

    But you came back alive and well, so the noodles don't really kill people I guess. :D

    Come to think of it, I love black pepper sauce. Weird. XD

  3. Hi! thanks for dropping by my blog ^^

  4. @clarissa : yeah this shit 8D
    lol ikr. indo ppl cannot live without chilli lah i tell u xD
    lolol OMG REALLY D:<
    in reality she is much more tanner tehee :B
    come here and try la! i bring u to the place xD

    @ kitty : lol really? but chillis are delicious xD
    it makes me feel like eating a lot :B
    lol ikr. i still survive 8D
    thnk god i didn't hv diare 8D

    oh really? if it comes to pepper i dont really like it cos its kinda diff frm chilli :O
    pepper is spicy on ur throat not on your mouth :/