How to redirect your relink URL

Have you guys checked out my previous URL and No,they didn't have any pretty relink designs, but have you guys realized that my relink page redirect you to my current blog? ;D

i found this very useful for relink pages, especially when our readers are too lazy to even click to our new blog and just close away our blog ;O

so to prevent that, why not we just redirect them? :D

how to redirect our relink page then?

good question. here is the magical code.

By adding the above code to your relink page, your page will redirect itself to your new blog URL. :D

just replace to your own URL.

Note the number 2 in the meta content. The number 2 sets how much seconds before the website redirects it to a new page. You can change that into 10 seconds or less/more if you have a message to show before your relink page redirects you to a new page. :D

that should do the problem. i hope this helps as much as it helps me.
Got problems? comment ;)

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  1. omg nice tutorial!~
    i think this will come in handy when ever i change links
    which won't be for awhile XD i hope ^^

  2. This is definitely one of the easiest ways to auto-redirect visitors! <33

  3. Nice tutorial! :D
    just a little note that blogger might block your relinked blog and your account for putting the code. :O

  4. @ karen : well i've been using that for almost a month now for my relink blog but i see no blocking so i think that is no problem :'D