gimme a break

P/S : this is a hateful rantings.

I don't get why older people always assuming that they are smarter than younger ones. Like how they say they have more experience than me and how they say i still haven't gone through any shit yet and i should hear what they say instead of making decisions myself and will harm myself in the end. Then when i try to say what's on my mind or what i've gone through, they went all like "who's older than you?"

I hate it so much when that happens.

Okay i'm not saying that i don't need to hear what they say lah. Of course, their advices are still useful and educating since i'm younger than them but please at least respect what i'm going to say, okay?

It's not like it'll kill you or anything.

I'm just trying to express what i feel.

So hard meh to just hear what i am going to say?

I am so pissed off right now, like all the respect you've gained from me gone in a second just because your stupid ol' egoistic manners.

If you want me to respect you like i have to, respect me too, okay. Don't even expect me to like respect you and worship you just because you're older and you're treating me like a slave or some kind of trash you don't even worth for hearing.

I am a human and i also have a feeling, okay.

Fucking old people. always piss me off.


i'm done working my hardest assignments. but a lot of works still waiting for me to go and do it. i think i'm not going to reply your tags though, sorry for that.

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