fuck yeah random

P.S: The following entries is a total random of my thoughts and will cause a waste of time, energy and youth if you proceed. A pack of potato chips or a bowl of noodles is advised.

my modem is such a dick.

i hate how it gives me slow internet connection whenever i go online.

i mean, come one man. i already moved to a new-and-better dorm already leh.

but oh well, i guess i am too awesome to be handled by that silly ol' modem so my modem got jealous and gimme whatever shit it has and thinks that it will end my awesomeness towards the university.
wae being awesome is so hard? LOL.

okay above is so random, just forget it. and if you wanna puke, it's okay.
i understand. i can't believe i wrote that too.


June is here wohoo!

anyone got plans already on how to spend the month?
well i do.

i know i'm going to spend it with lots of endless homework and exams. and i know i'm going to be sooo fucked up this month. but i hope my hardworks pays off though. really wishing for at least one A this semester or more. teehee :'B
(i'm not going to wish an A for all subjects kay i know my limit and i'm not as greedy as you)


i heard that this month my mom is going to Jakarta to spend her holiday too.


i don't know what should me, my sis and mom do. .___.
i mean honestly i'm not that close to my mom, neither does my sister, and we don't usually talk much to each other also (yeah sad reality will you just shut up) plus my sister is going to work everyday so i have the responsibility to take care of my mom and give her a tour around Jakarta while me myself don't really know what stuff is cool here around Jakarta and what's worser, i don't even know the fucking road and places around Jakarta so the possibility of being lost when i take my mom to go out is BIG. ;___;

so it'll probably very awkward if she comes.

maybe the convo that will happens will look something like this:

Me : Hey Mom..

Mom : So where are you going to take me? I only spend a week here so don't waste my time

Me : well we can go to the zoo..

Mom : wha-are you kidding me, i come here jauh2 you only bring me to the zoo?!

Me : So where did you wanna go?

Mom : Now who lives longer here at Jakarta hah? *starting to get emotional*

Me : uh well we can go to the mall.. and have some lunch over there?

Mom : alkfjklsjfkalsjflka *explodes*

Or something like this...

Me : Hey Mom..

Mom : Hey..

Me : *silence*

Mom : *silence*

Me and my mom : *Awkward silence*

Me : I'm going to pee

Eh, wait. The second convo sounds like i'm putting a move on my mom. OMG so wrong. LOLz.

What i'm trying to say here is, i have no idea where should i take my mom to, or how should i please her. i suck at hospitality thing, probably suck the most in the history of sucking so yeah.

any ideas?


btw tomorrow i'm going to go watch Karate tournament with my sis plus his bf and go swimming. Will post some pics soon, maybe :3

see ya later tweepers.

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  1. Eh I know what it feels when the modem goes bonkers. I hate it when that happens. Puts you in bad mood, really. ASDFGH! I hope that problem wouldn't last too long.

    I don't really have any plans for June except to finish my proposal for my Masters degree application. I'm getting nuts over it. XD

    Hope you'll do well in your exams! TEEHEE!

  2. "i guess i am too awesome to be handled by that silly ol' modem so my modem got jealous and gimme whatever shit it has and thinks that it will end my awesomeness towards the university." So epic (Y)

    and ikr sometimes i just hate the internet when it is slow and the provider still claims that they're the fastest in the country alshfaksldfgasklg

    only been to jakarta a few times before and idk where you live but maybe you can take her to the ice rink or ancol or mangga dua (idk how to spell) or pasar baru or some shopping places.

  3. doesn't your mom love shopping and eating hunnie? my was so freaked to do that stuffs. she likes to cook different kinds of foods with me and my sister, she wants to talk with me about a lot of things, girls are girls hun, you'll have a solution on that :D just believe . muwaaaahhh. (aja!)

  4. oh why you suddenly convert your skin into designed template?
    Are you tired of using blogskins? hehe XD
    How are you? I miss talking to you Susan!~

  5. @ Kitty : i know right! i always feel like wanna snap that modem into half, you know what i mean D:
    well i hope so too, blogging with slow connection is such a pain in the ass especially when you're blogwalking.

    @ Karen : LOLOLs its random maaan. omg im so embarrased xD
    LOLOL TRUE TRUE!! they should like go bankrupt or smth tsk tsk -_-

    ahh lol yeah, ice rink, good idea ;D

    @ Hun : thank you hunnieeee :'D
    muaacchhh :*

    @ Euniee : yeah kinda fed up with classic templates already xP
    i miss talking to you too!

  6. Omaigosh~ Your modem is totally insecure with your AWESOMEness D: Don't worry, It'll understand that when you mess with awesome -- It just becomes AWESOMER!! (Eh, what?)

    Anyway, I'll be spending a lot of time on exams and homeworks this june too (I share the painnn) @_@ Goodluck on both of us, and I hope you'll do great! 8)

    BTW, I totally LOL'ed on the convo xD Actually I LOL'ed on the first part and ROFLOL'ed at the last part xD Hope that your day with your mom turns out great ^^ Maybe take her to the spa o_o (Moms love those kinds of things, right?)

    Haha ^^ Anyway, Have a great holiday~

  7. Haha thankyou!

    I like your lay too!

    Simple and sleek. :D

  8. @ Roanne : LOL ikr. modem can't even handle me right now 8D

    omg you too? where do you live?
    if you're liuving in Singaporre or Malay you should be inholiday right now :O

  9. I know the feeling. I want to throw the modem and all, but I know I should not.

    My June will be all about planning about this coming start of classes. I'm a college student now! (^_^)

  10. lol yeah xD
    wow congrats marinella <3