Day 4: Seven people who inspire you and why.

Tempted to do this kind of shizz again LOL. last time i only made it to day 3 and then i lost the interest. :|

this is day 1, day 2, and day 3.
look at the date i last posted this 10 day challenge thing! LOL.

such a lousy blogger.

okay cut the crap. let's start the day 4.

7 people that inspire me.

come to think of it i don't really have that much people to be inspired cause i'm more like envy and jealous of people more successful than me (OMG BITCHY MUCH. not something to be proud of definitely) so yeah. LOL. but somehow there are still people who inspires me to be a greater person though.

The first one and the most obvious one.

the person that i post about in my previous post which is Xiaxue. The reason?
Read my previous post i'm too lazy to repeat.

The second and the most influential one.

I present you.

it's a photo of my dearest mom with my super eekie editing.
I edited it like 49198412 years ago so yeah you can see this is a very old photo.

My mom is like day-dreaming or something idk. It's candid.

Why my mom inspires me?

Okay first let me tell you a short story about my family.

When i was 2 years old, my dad passed away. at that time my family's financial was very poor and my mom was left behind two little girls (me and my big sister) to be taken care of and she's like don't have an idea on how to feed us so she has been a mom and a dad for us. i mean she taken care of us + worked for us and i know that was really hard for her.

she often told us about how she's been going through and how life has been a total shit to her with all the shitty life she's been handling and people being bitchy to her about how she dress and stuffs (you know come to think of it my mom is kinda popular among bitches in my hometown) but i know she's very strong and i know she's been trying to be the best parent for both of us (plus my little brother now) and still smiling in front of other people so yeah she inspires me both on how to be strong and how to walk on this shitty life :)

although her nagging is unbearable. but i know she wants the best from us.

and i love this woman to my grave with my deepest heart.


speaking of people being bitchy to her about how she dress and stuffs, i can't stop being mad and annoyed. can you aunties please stop gossiping about people's business? and is it just me or pinang auntie's mouth are the most poisonous ones? -___-

i know this one person who fail his grades on school and the next thing you know he was being gossiped by the entire pinang city and his name is everywhere like some kind of trending topic in twitter, i mean WTF man.

My first reason.

no one is perfect, okay. we all born with different kinds of flaws, so stop saying people like you're the most perfect person in this world. PLUS, look at yourself first at the mirror. you say people like that you yourself never did it in your entire life meh?

like how this girl dress so old-fashioned or whatever. PLEASE LAH HO.

there was a time when i dress like a hobo (i wear big-sized T-shirt and some hawaiian trousers) to my aunt's coffeeshop and when i got there my aunt was like "wapiang eh san.. why did you wear T-shirt like this? *poking and pulling my shirt like it's a trash or something* look at your cousin A, she always make up and dress leh.. so beautiful lah, when people look at her they will go like "woahh".. why didn't you like that? look at you, dressed like a beggar like this, you aren't ashamed meh?"


First of all ho my dearest aunt, you are opening a coffeeshop, not some kind of a five star rated restaurant. you couldn't possibly expect me to wear a gown and a bride make up with 123412391 cm high heels to your ol' coffeeshop, didn't you? :) PLUS, your coffeeshop's customer mostly are men. why should i wear some kind of super sexy clothes (oh wait FYI, pinang's chicks likes to wear exposed clothes even in rainy days) or being pretty just to please your 70% of customer? tell me why. :)

Second, it's my choice to wear like hobos or even sexy bikinis, okay. i am comfy wearing that kind of stuffs, and i don't even give a shit about how people look at me or judge me so I DON'T GIVE A FUCK.

you mad?

Okay back to the topic.

My second reason.

you are an auntie already. it means you already married, have kids, and have household chores to do. why don't you just get busy with your own life and not care about other people's business?

you gossip so much you don't even know your daughter at house already fucking her own boyfriend ah i tell you.

My third reason.

PEOPLE HAVE THEIR RIGHTS TO DECIDE THEIR OWN LIFE. AND THAT'S WRITTEN IN THE LAWS ALREADY, OK. so as long as their decision don't affect negativity on the society, why you even care so much? like their decision will pinch you, hit you, make you hurt or something.

not like i wanna be controversial or something, but please behave lah.
you're an auntie and you're not giving your child a good example. ppffftt.


my page reaches 400 views on 2 days.


i can't even describe how i'm feeling right now. i mean i don't even know what you guys reading, like seriously man. what? LOL.

thank you so much.

and for those who gave me this award :

thank you guys all so so much i feel like wanna virtual bear hug you guys or somethin' LOL.
you guys are the best.


Just now i was reading my oldest oldest post when i just start blogging. Don't ever bother to read. I deleted it already.

The contents are like...




he's a dick. he's a bastard. why you so obsessed with him man?

he don't even have a good side. except for his loyalty i have to admit.


why you so in love with him?
i kinda regret i spent a year or more with this piece-of-shit.

i mean come on. did your dudes get jealous of you being a fan of some movie stars? i remember when there was a time i was so in love with Miroslav Klose, a german footballer. And he was like.. *roll eyes* UH.

and, and, he gets mad whenever i forgot to reply his text or something.

And more ridiculous shit.

and more ridiculous shit.

and more ridiculous shit.

and i was like soooo stupid to bear with all this stupid nonsense all this time.

i can't even remember how much tears i've shed for you and your useless behaviour.
son of a bitch i'm done with you.

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  1. "and, and, he gets mad whenever i forgot to reply his text or something."

    why guys are like that? didn't they know we have a lot of stuffs to do before answering their ******* text messages?


  2. ^ Boys also like that one ah? The girls here only like that >.> Your mom looks so YOUTHFUL!! YOSH!! XD

  3. It's awesome that you look up to your mom so much. She's an amazing woman, for being able to raise her children all by herself. She earns my respect. :)

    Blergh, there's always someone in the family that is a pain in the arse. I think your aunt is just being unfair. I'm glad you decided to just brush off her remarks, you're better off without them.

    Congrats on the award! <3 Wow, come to think of it, I never got any. Ahahaha!

    LOL! My first blog entry was like in 2005 (6 years ago!) and I can't remember what it was about (I lost the entries when I revamped my blog a few months after I started blogging).

    Psst, I used to be a fan of Klose too. LOL.

  4. @ hunnie : UHH IKR. they're like dating us to serve them everyday i mean fuck you man you dont even deserve a single shit frm me D:<

    @ clarissa : hah what do you mean by "^ Boys also like that one ah? The girls here only like that >.>"


    @ kitty : ikr. she's likemy all time hero. except for the fact that i hate at how much little things she likes to nag trololol
    but still love her :'D

    ikr. shizz they were like discriminating me cos im tomboy or smth idk. but i nver give a fuck lol.

    omg D:
    well the person(s) that gave me the award asked me to give this award to 9 people though.. how bout i'm giving it to you? after all you're awesome and you totally deserved it :'D

    you can find the details for that award here
    (lol its on of my blogger friends called chloe :'D
    she's also my twinnie)

    LOLOL omg you've blogged for 6 years?? thats awesome no wonder you're such apro haha xD
    i started blogging like only 8 months ago or smth >__>

    HE'S HOT, you know.

  5. Well mothers are like that. :) My mom nags constantly too but I still love her. She's my mother after all. :D

    Pah! I hate people who discriminate others just because we behave a little bit differently from them. You? A tomboy? You don't look like one! :O

    Aww thanks for the award. I'll do it when I have the time. But I don't think I'll pass it round to anyone else, I don't have anyone to pass it to. LOL!

    Yeah it's been over 6 years since I first started blogging. But it's only been 2 years since I began to blog seriously. Before that, all my posts were of sloppy quality. LOL!

    Wooo who's this HOT friend of yours? XD

  6. glad you're inspired by your mom. :D
    by the way, i just gave you an award, please check it out.
    thanks! :D