You think i'm dead.



i was fine. okay am still fine. but i admit i got a cold since yesterday and i was planning to update my blog with some useless shit until i caught a cold and flu and cough and the list goes on till i almost died. and yes, i still got a cold now but i'm feeling better, and i miss blogging, so i blog, although there's nothing special to blog about except how miserable i'm feeling right now. and i look like shit. worse than shit. so no self-narcisstic photo for this post except some random birdy GIFs i got from vagina blood.

So i have lots of assignments waiting for me. Here are the list; i'm gonna write in Indonesian cause my brains are too fucked up to think for the perfect words to match this whole subjects:
  1. Kolase desdas, cut and paste work
  2. Makalah DKV + make 2 signs of dukun and pengamen + make 2 Figure and Ground
  3. Nakalah KWn (you don't have to know what is this but i fuckin hate this subject)
  4. Mengdas 7 sketsa cepet tentang lingkungan
  5. Gampres yang di besarin d kertas A3

shit i hate runny nose.

so there's the list of my assignments, and i haven't done all of them, and this shitty cold came to me in the most wrong time, and my last term exam are going to start at 6 or 8 June.

what can be better than this.

i hope i'm not gonna collapse by my schedule there.

PLUS, I AM SO CRAVING for Audition. haven't play it in like, ages. okay not exaggerating but that's how i feel.

i think that's what i can say in this post. other than that nothing great happens.

P.S : AWKWARD MOMENT ALERT >> peeing in the public toilet. i mean, how awkward is that? just imagine the public toilet is full of womens not talking to each other (which makes awkward silence) and then suddenly the peeing sound of yours came and then everyone can hear you pee.


thi.. it's just too awkward.

oh and one more thing for you so that you're not too bored reading my shitty post about how miserable i am, another random GIF for you.

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  1. where's ur shoutbox ?? :s

  2. it's on the contact button, try clicking it