what's on my mind?

Hey guys. Nothing much. Just wanna tell you guys that lately i'm in love with Skrillex(click click) which is a dubstep music and Christina Grimmie's song (click!). They both sounds so sick, i can't resist listening to them everyday. So because of that, i thought i'm gonna share it with you guys. :D

One of my favourite songs of Skrillex is this one called Weekend. The bass is sooo amazing i feel like i'm so rocking out LOL.
Oh, Christina Grimmie likes Skrillex too. In fact i know Skrillex from her! LOL.

Here it is.

The other-also-sick songs is called Seventeen, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, and My name is Skrillex. Oh you should check out all of Skrillex's songs.

While with Christina Grimmie, i recommend you hearing this first.

and yes, Sam Tsui is handsome.

Oh this one rocks also.

Her voice is damn nice.
So yeah, enjoy. :)

And uh, one more thing. I just received a picture from my Honey, Lmyx (she's always so awesome) and i wanna show it to you guys.

Thank you so much, hunster. You'll always be my number one cymates <3 <3

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  1. sorry hun, i'm not that good in photoshop. hehehe :P

  2. wowow!!! it's awesome the pic!!! XD

  3. oh you know Christina! <3 She's awesome, and the songs you posted are good. :D

  4. yeah christina should be a star, her voice is very beautiful.
    yeah thanks :D now i am like listening to it everyday ppffttt xD