so what happened to me?


i didn't expect that i'll ignore my blog for 5 days. I'm so sorry you guys. T____T
So much for asking you to stay tuned while i didn't update at all omg guiltyyy i apologize, okay? ;_______;

oh and i wanna thank you all for the birthday presents and greetings whether it's on the comment post or on the tagboard. it was amazing to know that you guys care for me! especially my bitches (AND YES CLAR AND SUVII I'M TALKING TO YOU 8D)

also thank you Julie for the lovely cake image you had made for me :

it's freakin' cute.

and also thank you for Lionel for wasting your time just to make a sign for me :

thank you so much.

i seriously love you guys to death.

And oh as i promised i had put you guys opinions about me (including link) on my About page. GO GO GO see it see it! xD


so imma tell what had happened to me in this 5 days.

First, i wanna tell you guys that i'm so lucky that i didn't get flushed with water by my friends xD
they all didn't bear to :P (or more like didn't dare to cause i'm damn fierce trololol)

Second, i went to a study tour on Thursday which i really had fun to cause that study tour really inspire me a lot.

We went to an artist's house and we get the chance to see him paint a canvas LIVE in front of us and we also get a chance to play clay and make sculpture of our own (uuhh, but because we all don't know how to do a sculpture we just make random shizz like kids playing play-doh lolol). Then we can fishing there (which is really fun, Meli caught a big fish that day idk how, she is really talented in fishing LOLs) and we drank lots of coconut too. they have coconut trees there. it's so fun and it feels like you're living in the wild. no cars, no technologies, everything looks so artistic. damn love it. then we go home at night and i went to sleep. :D

Third. I see raining hearts in my dreams :'D OHH you don't need to know what is this. It's a secret! <3

Fourth. I spent the rest of my time playing Theme Hospital and Audition, yes you heard it i procrastinate a lot. And just so you know, it feels good. LOL.

Fifth, i'm wondering to change this layout again but this one is just wondering. Maybe yes maybe no.

So yeah. Rather than that nothing special happened. Kay don't be so dissapointedddd!!! D:<

and oh, My twinnie Chloe ask me to include her into my post so i did. LOL. HAAIII TWINNIE ;D ILY!! <3 <3

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  1. OMG YAY your back :D :D i've missed you ;) lalala i see the cake i made you <3 omg it seems like you had an awesome 17th birthday ^^ muhaha i have a couple years to go until my 17th birthday, LOL now i made you seem old .__.

  2. Sorry hun, late comment. :(

    For me, Susan is INDESCRIBABLE.