omg domain giveaway!

I met a person named Kitty and we had a little conversation about this giveaway. She said she's giving it free to 5 people!

And i joined it! And now i will post about this so that others will know..
Oh man, oh man. If i got this domain for free it will save my life many times.

This is a good news for those of you who can't afford to buy a domain name on your own but reaaaallllly want to own one.

NOTE: This giveaway is only for those who do not own domain names.

I am going to give the first 5 people who commented in this post the opportunity to get a domain name of their own (I know, I know, this is exciting isn't it?). :D

So what do you have to do?
Before you pick a domain name of your choice, make sure it has not been registered yet. You can check the availability of the name [here].

What domain name extensions can you request?
You can choose either: .com/.net/.org/.info extensions.

The catch!
Right, nothing in this world is truly free, so I have my own price. But no worries, you don't have to pay me anything. What I need from you is simply a short blog post about this giveaway and put up this button:

Also, I will pay for the domain names for one year only, after that you may choose to let the domain expire or you can renew it yourself.

Why am I doing this? What's in it for me?
No particular reason and I gain nothing from this. I'm just feeling tad generous. :)

If you've read everything above, you may comment in this post using this format:

Email (valid email please):
Current website URL:
Desired domain name (make sure it is available):
URL of the page where you posted about this giveaway:

Once I have 5 people in the list, I will close this giveaway.

I will be sending out emails to those who are accepted for the domain names giveaway to discuss about several matters. Please check your email regularly.


so what are you doing now?? grab for the domain now; AND FAST!
she only gives 5 first people that comment on that post!


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  1. OMG SUSAN :D :D i hope you win!!!! you deserve it ;) woo go Susan <3

  2. Thanks for joining the giveaway, Susan. :)

  3. The domain doesn't come with hosting. You can just use it with your current blogger blog. :) However, if you want to use it with hosting, you can apply for hosting later. I could recommend some good free hosts. :)

  4. @ julie : thank you :'D
    @ kitty : my pleasure <3

  5. hey, thanks for visiting :)
    btw, good luck for the domain giveaway!


  6. aja hun! :D so we both have domains :D

    (i just have a little prob with mine :( i'm looking for an awesome WordPress theme creator, i wanna have a personalized theme T.T
    anyone you can recommend? :D tnx hun :))

  7. @diyana n kristen : FYI press contact for tagboard :'D

    @hun : oh too bad i dont know a thing abt wordpress hun :'O
    maybe you can google it or smth?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.