i'll have a domain...

...someday. idk i feel like wanna buy a domain for this blog :D what do you think? should i buy or not?
heehee. sorry for making you excited first :B

btw i have been tagged by a few person now with the 10 things about me thingy and an award. so i'll just post it as one okay? and i'm not gonna tag it to anybody, just let other bloggers do it.

  1. i don't really share my problems with anyone. if i have problems or something i'll keep it myself until i found the answer.
  2. i'm a pretty awkward person.i don't know how to start a convo and i don't know how to react on certain things.
  3. i am not comfortable with my self. i like to envy people's perfectness -__- not something i'm proud of though.
  4. i am called Kucing at my campus and Cece when i was in high school
  5. I have a genius little brother. He's only 11 and he already knows how many satellites on Saturn. And when you come to my house and see his bookshelf, it fills with scientific books and anatomy books. HE READS IT. i feel dumb as her big sisters lol
  6. i drink a lot of waters. i can drink 3 big bottles of water in 1 hour or less.
  7. I eat a lot. i can eat 3 portions of your average portion.
  8. I LOVE spicy food.
  9. My mom is a Mandarin teacher. She always ask me to learn Mandarin but i'm too lazy to tho =A= but i love her to death.
  10. My dad passed away when i was 2 years old.

There. Mission completed.

And thanks to Clarissa and Panda for giving me this award :


Last night my faculty has an annual ceremony called 'artnaval'. It has lots of bands performing there. One of them is called "Angel Of Fire", a band from Australia (if i'm not mistaken). They are great.

Here are some of the photos i took when i was there.

my face is fucking oily wtf. everyone look preety except me =A=

and yes it's a narcisstic photos of me and my girlfriends. i didn't take a photo of the stage cause it's dark.

it ends on 12am in the morning. and everyone went home with sleepy eyes.
and that's where shit happens to me one by one.

and as i mean 'shit' i don't wanna tell anyone what that 'shit' is cause it's really a disaster for me.

Only trusted affiliates or cybermates can read this.

Oh, and btw, i have updated some batches at SPV though.

check it out.

WEBKIT SCROLLBAR TUTORIAL COMING SOON though so stay tuned wooots.

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  1. susan, with the domain, i think it's pretty much up with you :D hahas when i grow up and have my own job and earn money, i'll then buy a domain :D hmm i see like people buying domains right but like it's like they don't even know how to use it -.-" they use it for something other useless stuff but susan you should buy it :D it'll make you pro? LOL ;)

    Ooo love the pictures :D :D really pretty but it's dark D: damn but you and your friends are really, really pretty + beautiful ;) <3

  2. well i'm gonna buy it with my own allowance though :D
    yeah i know, but is my blogging level good enough to have a domain?
    i mean i'm still blog silly stupid stuffs that no one cares abt tho =A=

    naaaah i'm not but my friends all are :'D
    i'm like a beast between beauties.. lolol

  3. ASDFGHJKL. YOU GOT CUTE AND SEXY FACE LEH OMG. Get a domain la because..you uh, pro in every HTML, graphics, posts etcetc stuffs? XD Idk but I think you'll get one sooner or later. or it's up to you but i think you want to get one? idek what i'm talking about D:

    ANYWAYS, first time seeing you full shot leh LOLOL. KAWAII AND PIUTIFUUL. Can't believe you skinny o.o Pfft, oily face? I always use the paper where it wipes off the oil form your face before pictures so I actually look decent in them XD

  4. You should get one domain :D Tagboard away again ? lol yeah since i blog short posts D:

  5. @clarissa : WTH NO I DONT HV SEXY AND CUTE FACE D:<
    yeah i wanna get one :3 but im not sure so i ask you guys :'O

    HAHHA REALLY? 1ST TIME? yeah i am skinny bish envy me KLOLOL 8D
    ]yeah but yesterday so sue loh didnt bring one -__-

    @Felicia : Really? Press contact for tagboardddd

  6. PFFFFT. PERASAN SAJA LOL XD Actually I don't envy you >:P coz I don't think we'll meet each other 8"D if we do, i'll die lol xP

  7. hahahaha silly clarissa :P

  8. Whether you want to buy a domain name or not, it is really up to you. :) I have a few in my hands already and I love them all *glomps*. I also have some unused ones which I have no purpose for so I'm going to let them expire. LOL. I'm going to open up domain name requests soon to help people who can't really afford to buy a domain name of their own. :D

  9. @kitty : yeah but if i wanna buy it but my blog is not good enough it's gonna be useless :(
    oh man you're so lucky! you got so many while im craving for one :'O

    that's so kind of you!

  10. I don't think it's a matter whether it is "good enough" or not. It's just a matter of preference, really. :) Nobody says a blog has to be superb to own a domain name. And from what I see, yours is definitely an awesome creation already. XD

    I posted about the giveaway: http://www.codeislove.net/2011/05/domain-names-giveaway.html

  11. @kitty : i really really wanna comment on your post omg D:
    but that would be called cheating cause the rules of yours is "for those who can't afford" while me myself can afford it x'(

  12. It's alright, you can comment on the post. I'm the one who introduce it to you anyway. LOL.