i still love you.. not?

Hi there. I just chat with Kevin (you know this guy? yeah my ex, or should i call him douchebag? oh whatever) and webcam with him tonight. I don't know.. I feel so wrong, but on the other hand i'm glad i still can get in touch with him. And yes, if you ask me i still love him or not, i still love him! Whatever i do to try forget about him, it makes my heart hurts more cause this memories about me and him are too precious to be forgotten. If i try my luck to come back with him and try fixing everything i still have the chance but can i really fix it? that's actually the problem.. cause you know, long distance thing the trusting and communicating become number one priority things.. it's just not me, you know? if i can't even meet him, what's the point of having this plain relationship?

for me a relationship needs meeting each other. i mean come on. chatting with him using phone and computer every single day and minute? it's more like having a relationship with your phone, you know. than with him. so yeah.

i think imma be like this for a while. communicating with him while i give each others a break with no status between us at the moment. i think it's the best for us but i know, different people different opinions so i'm asking you.

what should i do with me and him between this distance?

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    I don't believe in long distanced one coz "he" may be a 40 year old pedo or something D:
    you pernah meet him or not first? if not then idk what say :'|
    where is he anyways? if i were you..i'd ask him to meet me and if he says he can't coz he's busy and stuff then i terus say no only..
    since you're trying to communicate and giving each other a break, which i do not understand why. okay la, at least friends ma..

  2. LOL i am now in jakarta and he is now at another country which needs 8 hours time to come jakarta and we met before lah babe we go through days together for 7 months then bcos of college we are forced to study at different country then baru pisah de la..

    then we are separated for about 8months already and things changed drastically cos we are both busy with our own life so we decided to break up cos misunderstood happens often -____-

    but we still love each other like hell la. if we meet again now everything would be alright but we can't meet cause he needs lots of money for the transportation if he wants to come to my country so yeah...

  3. long distance relationship is not bad at all. I mean sometimes the trust thing is just an excuse. It's either you don't really trust him at all which means no love or you don't trust you self.

    I have been there before and it worked, but due to some reason we parted ways (not due to long distance). why not give a chance while it's still there. you might lost it before you know it.

  4. i think long distance relationships are so hard to keep because you know you love him and all that but when it comes to trusting, your not fully there yet and that makes you insecure. Every relationship, no matter who your with, you should have a feeling of knowing that your boyfriend is not doing some stupid?? o.o"

    but in my opinion i would love someone who i see everyday, knowing i would see him, i would feel secure :D and i guess if you meet the person you really love, you get the go out on dates and do all of those stuff that couples do >< and it would be fun ;D

    but everything is all up to you C:

  5. I think, your strategy is good. Give each other a break :]

  6. :O

    aku juga longdistance ci. :)
    cwo ak di Jakarta, ak di Surabaya.. :)
    yaa mgkn mmg susah ketemu kalo gk lagi liburan..
    tp itu tergantung dr kitanya juga.
    longdistance gini komunikasi penting banget.
    usahain bs sms / tlp terus. :)

    gk ada yg salah meskipun ktmu cuma sekali2.
    tp sekalinya kita ketemu bakalan nimbulin kesan berharga banget :)
    emg kan klo cewek pgn ktmu terus kwkwk *__*

  7. I think you just need to follow what your heart says :)

  8. @strawberry princess : i know, i'm afraid of losing him too, but we fight a lot cause misunderstood often happens and that really stressed me out.. i'm really confused now. srsly.

    @duckie : TRUEEE!!! TRUEEE!!! ikr ;____;
    gosh you know me so well duckie

    @genius : yeah D;
    but he has a lot of fans there (a lot of girls like her) i may sound very selfish but i dont wanna lost him although he's not mine anymore -___-
    i mean i plan to come back with him when we meet D;

    @fenny : iya sih...
    emang kamu udah brapa lama long distance ama cowomu?

    mslhnya ak bkn tipe yg ska smsn jadi kadang klo dia sms ak ga blas ak jadi ga enak :(

    @trish : my heart is simply confused to the max right now

  9. Go another country then ;____; Which is like near to yours and his ;___;

  10. I feel you hun. u.u

    ps. I MISS YOU

  11. There is this saying abt Always Follow yr Heart cos it's always Right even though it's on yr Left(: If u think tht u guys still shld be tgt thr let it be, if nt, dun, it hurts. Gambatte :D

  12. I say, do what you think is best. But, well, just watch out. I don't want you getting upset <3

  13. @clarissa : you think can move easily de meh hat abt our college -___-
    but thanks loh babe *hugs*
    you guys so great lah


    @qiao pei : okay the :( thank you so much babe.

    @genius : yeah D;
    thanks genius.. i think imma let it be like this and if one day he really had gone from my heart and into another woman's heart, i'll let him be and wish him the best lah.
    i think that's the best decision for both of us :')

  14. if you feel that you really love him then you should give your relationship a chance. take a leap of faith and trust him :D i guess trust is what builds a strong relationship. but if you think you cant deal with the whole long distance thing then you should tell him how you feel.

  15. i have been in this kind relationship...
    with someone that i don't even ever meet
    but we only last for like 3months ( LDR)

    well.. it's ok for your you to be in LDR
    but hell yeah! you have to trust him much
    and wait.. what is the first reason for you to break up in the first place sis ?
    i'm kinda lost here

  16. XD..
    1 tahun 1 bulan :D
    iya sih . tp mau gmn lg @@

  17. Just move on hun.. He's not your boyfriend anymore and I'm pretty sure you'll meet someone who is better than him one day.. (^_^)♥

  18. I agree with you Sunsan. I kind of scare distance. You know, out of sight, out of might. I think if we are still something that called girlfriend or boyfriend without seeing each other everyday makes us fall apart but not in love and you may get bored soon and what will come will come, it may break your heart again. Just be something that safe as friends while you guys still have distance, wether it's about geography or psychology.

  19. @rachelle : well i kinda tell him how i felt though, but somehow he misunderstood everything i said cos it's from text (duh? everything could happen if you're texting) so yeah :(
    it's complicated, srsly.

    @she : see? that's what i don't like :'(
    and we broke up because we fight a lot, i mean A LOT even for something unimportant.

    @fenny : wahhh.. kalau aku udah 1 taon 4 bulanan trs ptus deh :O
    mudah2n kamu ga ngikutin jejak aku dan langgeng sampe jenjang pernikahan ya >__<

    @rabbito : amen >_____<
    but i still like him, so much! D;

    @bach : agreed. :(

    but uh well. the problem is here.
    we fight a lot when we're in relationship, but when i decided to break up, i still love him and i don't want him to fall in love with another girl until we meet >___<

    so how?
    uh lol well, i am selfish, aren't i :'(

  20. well..
    i already told you to think it over again
    well... everything it's not always like a fairy tale
    even my ex ( which lived in England ) got a hard time to come here
    he saved a lot for sure..
    and it's hard since he have life to there and to make sumch money
    he have to work harder

    so yeah.. it's not like it's impossible for him to come here
    but it will take long time to do that
    and yeah... if you still love him, i can't tell you to forget about him or just deny your feeling
    but what i can tell you is.. just rethink it..
    is he worth for your time and waiting?

    well fighting a lot it's not really something that bad though
    from that you can know what each other feels
    it's better to fight than to keep silence XD

  21. sorry hun for being a busybee for almost a motnh. hahaha. I've been searching for myself. LOL!!


    i've been busy with some personal stuffs hun, im really sorry i didn't made in touch with you. I promise I'll blog more often :D

    hhmmmwaaaaaaaaaaahhh! *place hug smiley here*

  22. xx
    Amin !
    kita udh ad komitmen dari awal soalnya :)

    kenapa gk coba kembali sm kevin ?