I am imperfect and i'm proud.

You see people holding your dream camera, taking lots of pics and proudly shows their photos to the world while you're like taking pics with your low quality phone.

You see how flawless people are, with her long super silky hair, white skin, non-pimple faces and long legs walking down the street, while you look just like an old-hag.

You see people so talented, can play piano or guitar and can even make it to the international, while you're just sitting in front of the computer, sucking and complaining on your own made-up-no-traffic-website.

You see people so good at social life, have cool friends and so popular while you only have like cybermates to talk with?

You see people lovey-doveying with her/his girlfriend/boyfriend, while you are forever alone hugging your stuffed dolls.

How suck life is that.

Well, to be honest, i'm some of the mentioned above. I have no good quality cameras, i'm not flawless, and neither do i have a popularity. When i see people the same faculty as me drawing illustrations or arts better than me, i started to think 'oh wow. what am i compare to her/him?'. When i see people with a lot of technologies to support her drawing talent like cameras or tablets, i started to think 'oh she got all the things an artist need. what am i? i have nothing'.

Have you ever felt like what i feel?

Have you ever felt like you can do nothing to the world?

Have you ever felt that there's not even a point having you alive in this world?

No talent, no good-looks, no money. Nothing!

And you started to curse your God, why were you even born in this world to suffer this kind of emptiness. You cry for nothing sometimes, thinking how useless you are.

Am i right?

Well to be honest, i'm writing this article because just now, i also felt the same. I saw a blog of a girl with the same faculty as me, with her posts fill with every bits of her took photos, and all was like gorgeous, and compare to mine and my creations, mine was like...


I can't even draw properly, can't even took a photo cause i have no camera, etc etc.

Kinda sad and blaming myself though for being so useless.

Started to think that, i'm gonna be left out.

But then, God wakes me up.

I started to remember back every little bits of quotes i've ever heard, whether they're just a piece of bullshit or not, i started to remember it.

"You are made by God for a reason!"
"You are unique on your own way"
"You're stronger than what you think"
And others and others and others..

Then positive mind started to came across me.
Oh i'm not that bad after all. Oh well i still can sing although i sing like a crow. I still have my family welfare, i know how to code a blogskin (HELL YEAH babe remember HTML is a knowledge you might need in the future too!), well i have humor-sense, i know how to write a good article, etc.

Although i don't have as much money as she does, i can still be happy.

Although i only have a blog to write into, at least i made some worldwide friends!

Like there's so much more things that you have that she don't have.

So i just wanna say here, although you're not as perfect as her, although you're like broke to the max, you have to be positive, like always!
Tell to yourself that you have sooo much more things that she never had.
Convince yourself.

Every single people in this world have different kinds of life of their own anyway, so you never ever compare yourself to theirs!

Before you know it, they might envy of your life too..

So before thinking that you're close to the word useless, well think again!
Cause' you might be the most perfect person in this world, you'll never know.

Like, even disabled person can be more successful than us, let alone us, a perfectly fine human with disabilities!

So be proud!

"Change the voices in your head and make them like you instead.."

Be positive, girls. I love you guys.

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  1. i like this one best; God made you for a reason...
    I SO AGREE WITH THIS T__________T

  2. Heehee :'D
    God make you for a reason clarissa, and the reason is me >8D