Happy Birthday Melia!


Today one of my girlfriend is having a birthday. Her name is Melia Cindy and we call her Meli. Well no party or any food feast to eat, but me and my gang intended to do a prank for her. We planned to ignore her all day but that seems to be quite failed cause some of my girlfriends couldn't bear to do it. So we kinda changed the plan. :D

First we throw one of her slippers into a pond which makes it super wet, then we hide it. I was the one who has the responsibility to hide it LOL xP
then she kinda get a lil' mad and she wants the slipper back, but no one give her her slippers LOL so she just sit on a bench and yell at people and that is hell funny ahahaha :D
everyone was like blaming each other like "your flippers must be with her" or "he must have kept the slippers" LOL epic. no one pointed me. and i was like acting innocent xP

you know i am an expert on pranking people, just so you know.
If i plan to prank people, either i prank her to cry or not at all. :P
yeah, man. cruel but it's true so beware >:D

so yeah, after a few hours of searching her flippers, everybody was like "oh come on just get over it and get the hell out of the bench" but she didn't want it cause i'm sure she smells something fishy from us but she had no more choice so she was like standing up to find her slippers.

Then when the moment she stands up everybody was like spraying water to her and she was like so wet soo drenched in the middle of the campus and students from other faculty was like cheering and "boo-ing" hahaha she sure is embarrased lah xP

then after that her close friends spray fanta, pulpy orange juice, flour and others to her. but she was okay cause her dorm is just near the campus. :D

well so i think that's all, happy birthday Meli hope you like our presents and may you have all the best :D

(oh man and my birthday was like 11th on this month idk what will they do to me, better beware -___-)

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  1. Say happy birthday to Melia for me okays! (^O^) Tell her she looks cute ;3 ♥♥

  2. Awesome, HAHA :D

  3. thanks for passing by sista! love your blog :D

  4. Happy birthday to your friend. :)

  5. well that is pretty cute prank... well happy birthday to her.

    on the other note you have a very nice blog I like the music.


  6. heehee thanks ;)
    thank you! :D

  7. Awwh, you sure have some skills haha xd. its funny how she wasnt maddd that you guys sprayed her with flour