y u no just study man?


pppsssshhh try to study for tomorrow's exam but ended up doodling this although it just takes me 2-3 minutes to draw this but still -______-
tomorrow it's either doom for me or miracle for me. BLAH.
why am i so hard to study hah?

oh and look what did i do to my Facebook profile.

Jesus, got no signs of me studying, eh? ppssh -___-

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  1. i seriously love your fucking awesome doodles :x <3

  2. OH THANKYOU BB ;D you wan me to draw u smethin? :P

  3. LOL I never study for exams (except for Geography.. sometimes.), so you're not the only one. 8D And nice drawing! Your handwriting is so cute. :D

    p.s: your eyes look cool.

  4. @julie : thanks duckieeee XD

    @karen : hahaha ikr study is so not cool :P
    naaah my handwriting is bad lah especially when my hands get tired or when im lazy my handwriting totally go pppffttt and unreadable XD

    they call it cat eyes 8D
    they (my friends ==")

    @bach : I KNOW RIGHT! study is liek the hardest thing to do hHAHAHAH

  5. i really like the girl drawing. 8D so, um, if you want something in return, sorry, but i'm a total dope XD