There's always a first time in everything.


I have a very happy news today.

Well but first i'm going to talk about what happens from morning til' now so it's gonna be a long post. If you're not interested to read, it's okay. But i think it's better for you to read it because i'm going to tell my life experience and this might help you in the future so yeah. Be prepared it's gonna be a lil' bit boring though.

So i'm going to start from a few weeks ago about what had happened.

One of my friend, Suhendra (we call him Su), who was in the same class with me but much more older than me ask me and my other friend to work in one of the annual event in Jakarta as Sales Promotion Girl (kinda like people you see on the mall promoting stuffs to people in the hallway) on a company who sells kitchen utensils called Oxone (click click visit). Kaysoo many of my friends are interested with it and ask me to join also so we can work and earn money together. Since i don't have any experience on working and i'm a bit lazy to join something like this i think twice but in the end i agreed because i think "it's an opportunity, why reject?"

So i joined, and today we have to go to the office and have interview with their staffs.

So everybody was excited, except me. I admit, since i don't really have any intention to do this, i wanna just cancel and go play online games or whatever. But i've promised them, so i went to have interview with all my friends after all. (they are 8 of us)

When we got there, there are tons of teenagers who stands outside waiting for the interview too. Damn i think, all the girls and boys who stand outside is so beautiful and flawless, how am i gonna be accepted in the company, i'm so fucking ugly, i think. intention to interview decrease more. like minus minus minus. =_______=

so we wait for our turn and there it is. 8 of us were called into the office together and have interview together. when we (me, and all my girlfriends) saw the staff (there were 2 staffs waiting there and both are dudes) we were like OMG OMG OMG they're so handsome XD XD hahaha i know i know very mentel. but we're girls alright? LIKE DUH IT'S NORMAL D:< hahahahaha. so yeah when we got in and have a seat the handsome staffs starts to speak casually and joking with us. i think he just don't wanna make this look too formal he knows it'll gives us a lot of stress. then after speaking random stuffs blablabla the handsome staff started to ask us one by one "okay so give me a lil' description about yourself." i was like "waaaaaaaaaaaaa??? are you serious is that interview or pickup lines? HAHAHAHHA" but i know this is serious stuff cause i know he's going to judge us by our answers. and all i can think about the answers i can say is the words i use on my blog profile XD
HAHAHAHA, I KNOW RIGHT, EPIC. but i must say blogging had give me a lot of knowledge, experience, and also friends too, and yes i'm talking about you, the one who are reading my current post ;D i love you so much lah. hahaha.

kay back to the topic. so the staff asked us to give description about myself, right? i said to them, "ehhm usually i'm a shy and introvert person, i don't talk much, but if you know me well and have been my friends for a long time you'll gonna have a completely different person of me. i'm going to be crazy and loud."


SO LESSON #1 for job interview people, ALWAYS SMILE. EVERYTIME EVERY SECONDS OF THE TIME SMILE SMILE SMILE. show them you're a friendly person but still look professional to them.

it's like the most important weapon in a job interview lah D:<

second, EYE CONTACT. fang dian as much as you can to the person whom you're talking and give them fierce look like Tyra Banks said but still friendly. it shows that you're confident, yo.

so yeah i did that. and i just be myself, i say what's on my mind about me.
Nervous? of course. but i try to be look as comfy as possible.

and guess, what? I WAS ACCEPTED. me and my strategy rawks 8D LOLOLOL *throws confetti*
but unfortunately, only 2 of my friends were accepted, while others don't. i'm not sure why they didn't got accepted though, they're all so good. :(

so after the interview, we still have elimination round to go. i know, weird right? it's like why got so many rounds to go.
but yeah maybe it's because they have too many people apply for that job and they're gonna choose the best one and Oxone also is one of the biggest and successful utensils company in Indonesia so they of course choose the best one to present their products.

so imma talk about the second round. kays.

in second round the boys who are accepted were asked by the staffs. there are 2 questions for them, one "what is your purpose for applying this job?" and second, "whats the process you're going to take after you had the job?" HARD one right? poor boys.

but since they are 29 of them and the staffs only gonna choose 8 of them so i think that's the perfect questions to ask. hard yet complicated so the staffs can see their creativities on answering the questions.
most of the boys answers very formally. very boring. very long and blah. the staffs gets all bored out and eliminate all the boring ones. hahaha poor them though i know they think all think hard for their answers but still.
yeah but that's business world. you gotta be different. you gotta be out of the box, creative. and make them amazed or else you're out.

so they chose and chose and chose, only left 8 boys.

and now it's girls' turn.
since there's no more time to ask the girls one by one with that question the staffs just pick the most impressive one out. by impressive here i mean people who really pay attention to the whole interview and who take it seriously (the staff said this hor, not me). and only 8 girls are chosen. guess what? i am one of them. XD thank God i knew this already from the start cause the staffs always watching us. so happy but in the other hand so sad cause both of my 2 friends didn't make it. :(

so 8 of us interviewed to that company, only i was accepted.
and 8 of them all had interview experience before, EXCEPT ME.

guess how much honour and proudness i feel because of this?

after this they still have more elimination round to go. and even though i'm going to be eliminated, i'm not gonna be sad cause by what had happened today itself had gives me lots of courage and confidence. i mean hey, first interview attempt and me, who had knows nothing at all was accepted rather than 8 of my friends that have experience on this?

it already shows that i'm not bad and useless after all. i know i still have to learn a lot but i already got strength to move on to the next level.

you know, all this time i thought i am useless, a piece of junk on the society that has no talents at all on every thing i do.
but hey after this, i finally see what i am good at doing and what i'm not. :)
well at least i can see it better than i was.

so yeah, after this i still going to have a long journey to go to become an official sales promotion girl on that company. wish me luck and all the best kays?
you guys' wish and hope for me really mean a lot to me, i mean like really really means a lot.


P.S :
attention please.

after this i'm going to have my first blog promoting for my affies! i'm going to use to pick out the lucky two bloggers so stay tuned who knows you're the lucky one ;D

By the way...

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  1. WOW your so talented :D hope you pass through and get that job and even if you don't, your still awesome for passing 2 rounds without any experience :D WOO GO SUSAN! and THANK YOU for advertising my blog :O!! didn't noticed XD must advertise your blog soon in my next post :D

    X"D X"D
    and yeah i advertised your blog, i promised bfore, right? ;)