so sick.

hey guys, changed URL and layout again for the uncountable times. I feel so sorry for my cybermates who keep searching for my new URL. sorry, i just can't help it. Q___Q

i made this lay myself, and i made it from the simple XML template from scratch. so i was like sooo gonna use this lay for quite a while (i hope).

okay so imma tell you my daily life stories.

last night i dreamt about random things. what disgust and scares me the most is that i dreamt that my chest has small bumps like mosquito bites on it, and what's scary is that it's not only one, not two, but MANY MANY BUMPS. and they're sticking together into big disgusting patch *faint*

you know i was a polkadot phobia. dreaming that kinds of things really freak me out. even writing it on my blog now makes my goosebumps all standing up. Heeeez.
I hope i wont dream on such a thing again. *shivers*

Lately i'm not feeling too well so it's gonna be hard to update this blog since nothing happens except sleeping all day long and going online. it's weird if you always put "currently i'm sleeping and surfing internet" in your blog everyday, right? @__@
i still have tons of assignments and study to do. next week i am still going to have mid-term exams. so yeah, busy busy! and gotta catch some mood so that i can do my assignments.

as for love life, Kevin ask me to come back again. i don't know what's in his mind, i'm sick of all this. i just wanna be alone right now. i don't wanna play any love games and such. i'm sick of it. sick of being hurt and arguing.

kaysoo leave me any tags and imma reply to you as soon as i can, okay? i promise i will reply :)
and 6 more followers to 100. where can i find 6 person to follow me? *roll eyes*

may i have your attention?

P.S : btw i'm going to do a monthly blog-promoting routine for my affies (out of boredomness for their traffic). i'm going to select one blog using and i'm going to promote it on my blog posts every month and put their buttons or links at my sidebar but remember, i only promote my affies so yeah if you wanna exchange links with me and be my affiliates tag me! tagboard is at the bottom of my blog, btw.

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  1. keke love the URL and LOVE THE LAYOUT! :D omg :O!! you have a scary dream even i don't dream about that XD hope i dont have a nightmare tonight T_T awww i hope you get better! LOL and i'm sick too XD hope you finish all of your assignments! i need to finish my pile up too ^^ nearly forgot D: OMG OMG whats with your ex-boyfriend o-o he is going to hurt you again so think hard about what you want because when you say yes or no you can change what you say D: OMG OMG OMG NEARLY 100 FOLLOWERS? :O!!! SO LUCKY, LOL :D you should like force people, LOL JKS JKS ;D Oooo i like your idea of a monthly blog-promoting routing :)! but the idea of people saying to have an affie exchange just because of that is bad :O!!

  2. duckiee your comment is soo long xD
    and i love your URL too! that imaduckiee one, too bad u've changed it :(
    thanks for all your hope duckiee! you're always the best lah xD *hugs*

    hmm, you're right, so you got any ideas? :3

  3. LOL i thought you like LONG comments :D thanks, lol yea D:
    hahas your welcome and yay~~ *hugs*

    LOLOL XD well hmm how about you do a contest instead? :)

    HAHAHA LOL my sentence above makes me think dirty @____@

    contest? hmm what kind of contest? :OO
    tell me tell me im so not good at this kind of thing xD

  5. LOOOOOL you made me think dirty too :O!!!

    hmm well first off you could do something like:

    - SOTM (Site Of The Month) contest
    - Banner contest
    - Icon contest
    - Button Contest

    and many more! you can be really creative :D oh and if you host a contest, i'll be joining ;)

    hahahaha XP

    well u no i never good at making prizes D:
    so i dont really wanna do contest :(

    and and SOTM is for site that's pretty and such so i think it's a lil bit unfair for those site whose lay is messy and stuff, dont u think so? :(

    LOOOOOL ^^

    aww but you can still try your best
    at making the prizes though!!

    oh yea thats true :/ hmm, LOL