So eye catching.

Last night when i was watching K-ON season 2 i had a most unforgettable experience with this green thingy beside me. >>
Do you know what is this ?
Well if not, better not messing with this 'hot' thing.

So the story is like this. My sis once told me that her friend said if we ever had a pimple, just use a balsam (actually we say balsem but google said it's called balsam -__-), put it on your pimple area and the next day the pimple will be better. So last night i had a freakin' huge pimple in my face, right beside my right eye, at the nose. So when night comes i try to use the balsam on my pimples; yes, that green balsam above. It's super hot i tell you, and yes, when i use it on my pimple i feel like my skin is going to burn. Plus it's near the eyes so my eyes got a lil bit hot and it's kinda hard to see properly.. You must squint your eyes to see so that the hotness won't get any worser in your eyes.

I know. At this point, you guys must already think that i'm a total moron doing that kind of stupid things. But hey, who don't get depressed? It's pimple leh!

So yeah, few minutes past, and the hotness on my face starts to fade and gone. So i continued watching K-ON..

And just when i start to yawn and rub my eyes,


Freaking. hot. like. i. am. going. to. die.

It was damn spicy, like your eyes starts to burn inside and you can't do nothing rather than closing your eyes and bare the pain. -___-
I was damn panic lah i tell you. I already think like "OMG WHAT IF MY EYES GOT BLIND" "OMG WHAT IF I CAN'T SEE ANYMORE" and others. LOL epic lah i tell you.

Seeing me panic my sis starts to get panic to but after a while she starts to get a lil bit annoyed by my over-reacting and starts nagging me to calm down LOL.

Then i try to calm down.

Everytime i try to open my eyes, the air makes my eyes colder and of course, hotter and my tears are flowing like crazy. I struggled about 10++ minutes bearing the pain in my eyes and i can't do nothing except waiting for the balsam's react to fade.

Then few minutes later, it starts to fade and my eyes, thank god, it's okay.
But my eyes got swollen though. .____.

Left : Normal eye. Right : Swollen eye. LOL. epic.

So lesson for you, never ever put balsam near your eyes cause you'll never know what will happen later. -____-
But i doubt there's people as stupid as me though doing that kind of stuffs.

But hey you know what, applying balsam over your pimple does makes the pimple fade a bit lol :D

Oh, and BTW..
(out of the topic above)

did you guys notice the changes at my blog? :">
Heehee yes, the most obvious one would be probably the header and the navigations and the back to top image, i change the whole image and i use more vintage-looking font (which is called Don Quixote you can find it at to match with my entire blog design.

But well the changes are not only that, if you haven't noticed. ;)
i had added some new features too, like the Search button at the left of my blog located on the sidebar (do you even noticed there's a search button now? LOL)
don't be shy! try clicking it, you'll be amazed. :))

heehee i've worked for that for a long time! :P

what's more, if you have a longer message for me and tagboard can't fill all your messages, you can click the link under my tagboard which will locate you to a form where you can send me message directly to my email! heehee, well if you need to, of course! (like asking for help, or tuts, or designing stuffs or maybe HTMLs)

but what makes me more excited and loving this whole new changes is that,

i have added a pagination to my blog!!
(scroll down to the bottom of my posts and you'll see it ;) )

have you noticed it yet?
Now the old blogger "Newer Posts, Home, Older Posts" has gone and had changed into a wonderful tumblr look alike pagination :x

I have been finding this damn pagination code for so long!
Searched Googled for hundreds of time, tried it before, but no use.
But after this whole time, my efforts are all worth it after all. :')

Have thought to make a tutorial for this pagination code but too bad though it only works for upgraded template which is useless cause most of my blogger fellow are all using classic templates. :|

well i think that's all, tell me how my entire blog look now!
Does it look good? Better than my previous one? Or do you prefer the previous one?
Does my page took a long time to load? Tell me! I'll be glad to hear all your comments and critics. :x

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  1. :O!!! you know how your eye was swollen, it happened to me once and like i was panicking because i have school T.T still had to go to school and everyone was asking if i was okay ==" it's like "do i look okay?" LOL

    anyways i LOVE your new layout :D love everything ^^ but how did you upgrade your layout ._. your so smart XD

  2. ....i'm so used to pimples that i dont care anymore LULS
    So, did the pimple went smaller or whut? .___.

  3. OH, ABOUT YOUR POST APPEARING ON MY DASHBOARD, it finally worked coz suddenly, there were almost 30 that appeared T____T spam my dashboard lke dunno what only -____-

  4. what's a pagination?

  5. @ Julie : OMG how come? what makes your eyes swollen? :O LOLOL ikr! sometimes ppl are stupid asking the obvious question xD

    @Clarissa : LOLOL IDK T____T
    i just want it gone real quick cos it fucking ugly T___T

    AHAHAHA sorry .____.

    pagination is

  6. oh i think it was like a mosquito bite .__. and it had to be nearly my eye T_T HAHAS I KNOW D: but at least after a week, it got better :D i had the urge to scratch it ^^"