readers shoo. 4l4y shoo.


seen my relink page yet? lol yes, its the screenshot above :DD

- why so messy you ask?
• yeah, i do it on purpose.

- where is the link to my new page?
• well try finding it yourself in those pile of words. if you can i bow down to you lah. LOL

- why did you do this? isn't this driving your visitors away?
• EXACTLY. that's my main purpose. what's more this is my online diary, and there's no need for many people to read it like it's for entertainment. what's more if people really wanna read my blog they would FOLLOW ME and seriously will tune in to what i update everyday so yeah.

Enough talk.


today it's the first day of mid-term exam. the beginning. the start. the first exam that i'm going to have is RELIGION, as the previous post said. AND LOLOL I DIDN'T STUDY AT ALL FFFFUUUUUU. but in the end i can answer all of the questions how clever am i 8D

lol actually the questions is kinda easy and it doesn't mention any materials in the book at all so yeah (you have to answer with your own logic DAMN HOW GREAT IS MY RELIGION LECTURER).

i done perfectly fine.

then after exam went to play GrandFantasia again shit am i addicted or what this game is so fun. played 4 hours. and then here i am blogging my useless no future story LOLOL.

when i got home i met some 4l4y people in the busway.
kay sooo actually the actual word is alay not 4l4y. alay means noob in Indonesia. It refers to people who act like gangsters and think they're cool. OhH @nD tHey 4LsO wR1tE L1k3 TthizZxX. (that's the reason why i wrote 4l4y not alay) usually they hang out in lame internet centers and put facebook status EVERY SINGLE SECOND. have you ever met a person like that?

so yeah i kinda meet some 4l4y people in the busway. it's a bunch of girls. there's one who wore an old green almost torned up cardigan and holding a super big red-blood handbag with her (YES, LOOK EXACTLY LIEK CHRISTMAS TREE) standing behind me and i can already smell her 4l4y-ness and of course idk what smell but it's killing me. -____-
when we queue she always shoved my back with that handbag and i tell you it's fucking annoying like so annoying i could punch her in the eye. and then with 2 of her 4l4y girlfriends, they laugh and speak very loudly in the queue and along the journey in the busway -____-

okay and that kills me.

why do that kind of person even exist? i mean it's not COOL at all and still there's a lot of people acting noobies like that =o=
heloooooo. what century is it now? pfft.

okay and ignore this. it's just for some xtra so that my post won't look that boring.
LOL yeah it's my what-the-hell shot.
i don't even know why i took this photo?
but whatever.

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  1. LOL i like went back to your old URL and like went to see if i could find it but NUUUU D: there is a long scroll bar D: BUT I WILL FIND IT when i have time :D

    omg grats in doing well in your religion test! :D i knew you could do it ^^

    omg i see susan ;) no face though .___. LOL wish i could see more of your beautiful face lah <33


  2. kekekeke 8D
    tell you what, try ctrl+S and you'll found it in like half second ;D

    yaaaaaaay xD
    but i think i wont be this fortunate in other test soo yeah i think imma start studying .____.

    nuuuuuuuu im not pretty that's why i dont like taking photos of my face D;

    you're always the first duckiie ;)

  3. keke yea i did that, thanks to
    Lymx ;) read her bloggie ^^

    awwww, well goodluck studying and
    don't open up and play games XD

    really? LOL T^T BUT YOU ARE VERY
    PRETTY <333

    hohoho yea i know ;))

    AHAHAH. all i see are those examples from blogskins XD