let's fly, up up here we go.


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Wow. Look at the time.

it's just so frustrating to still awake at this kind of time. yes, i stayed up late, and i think imma decide to stay awake this whole night. this blog just makes me so excited. i don't know why. :)

so first, it's obvious that my layout had changed again, for the zillionth times. yes, i was and still in dilemma on which perfect skin should i use for my blog since it's often filled with my drawings now. so i'm still finding the right colour and skin to match it and i hope you're okay with it. :)
this time my blog is simple with a wide post body cause last layout's post is too small for my photos -_-
and if you scroll down the page, the picture on the left << (the keys) will change into the word "TOP▲" so you will not have difficulty to go up to the top of page ;D smart, eh?

second, after few times of rejecting the temptation to change my URL to co.nr domain, i finally changed it! and yes before deciding this i had thought i wanna buy a domain instead but since my blog doesn't contain anything important, i didn't buy it cause it will be a waste of money. XD and yes, i can't be spendthrift due to the situation of my monthly expenses now. so i can't find any good URL to use, thought wanna use "youthinkyoucanhandleme.co.nr" but it's too long and i thought readers would probably in a difficulty of writing my URL so i decided "fyeahsusan.co.nr" instead. kaysoo it's not a very polite URL, i noticed. ==" but at least i had removed the "uck" from the "f", okay D:

 third, i'm not really a fan of putting songs in my blogpage since it will slow down page load, but currently i'm so in love with this song right now; Far East Movement - Rocketeer so yeah i think imma put it in my blog for a while 8D
if you guys don't like it just simply click pause, kay, no complaining -0-


kay for my daily life. nothing much happens, except for the fact that i drowned more into the world of online games =3=
yeah it's true, lately i was introduced to an online games called GrandFantasia (click click), it is a RPG game kinda like Ragnarok but it's cuter and you can like be couples with your lover so yeah it's addicting xD
okay so honestly i've never played RPG before and this is my first time so i think it's hell of a fun :DDDD
and yes, it totally corrupts the time of my study. in fact i didn't study at all for my mid-term exams and tomorrow; or should i say later when morning comes my first mid-term exam would be RELIGION subject, and it needs studying --"

i'm totally done for.

but i trust myself :D
trust myself to recite as much as i can and if it's possible, cheat DDDD:
and yes, people, i cheat on exams.
and don't ever try to judge me because of that saying that is not good blabnlablabla.
but who doesn't done that? like you're innocent much? ppft.
but that of course isn't something im proud of.

so yeah exams coming, assignments waiting, i hope i'm not screwing up my college grade just because online games. :/


me and Kevin are getting cold. so cold you could feel the ice from us each other.
i don't even know if we're called a couple anymore or not.
but i have a feeling we will not breaking up. :/
idk, i just do.

i feel like this is one of the process that couples have to face.
and this is only because of our long distance relationship.
if not none of this would have happened.

kaysoo. i think i'll try to catch some zz's now.
well at least i still have an hour to sleep. :/
the problem is, is it enough for me? LOL

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    so much ;)) and omg nice URL !!
    you have smart brains woman <33

    LOLOL you keep playing games :O!!
    you need to study more :D keke, LOL
    you cheat? :O! i sometimes do it too
    but i try not too D: it's bad for me
    LOL T^T

    i hope that when you put the pieces
    of the puzzle together that you'll
    find out something that will make
    you more happier SUSAN <3

    LOL i made such a long comment XD
    //changes susan's link :3

  2. lolol thanks duckiee ;D
    *hugs* for being the first commenter always <3<3
    lolol no it is not smart url its fugly i kinda wanna find some unique word to be my url but can't think any LOL

    ahahahah yeah somehow thats the onlu thing that can put a smile on my face or get rid of my stress :|

    LOLOL tell u what i didn't cheat on my exam today 8D
    am so proud of myself lolol

    thanks duckiee, you're the best lah <3 <3 love you so much xD xD

    its okay i like long ones 8D

  3. your always welcome ;))
    HAHAS yea i know :O! *hugs*
    :O! is it an awesome URL :D
    love it and it's short XD

    HAHAS me too but then again..
    when people tag me or comment
    on my post, that makes me smile
    like a weirdo XD

    YOUR WELCOME <33 keke me too ~~

    HAHAS awesome ;) i'll try and keep
    posting long ones then :D