I'm going to learn and do that.

Hi guys, i'm back again here, at my blog. :D
i just gotta have some break over my stressful weeks, and have a lil' browsing through internet to see things related with my hobbies.

When i was randomly browsing through hundreds of blogs, i stumbled upon many many extraordinarily simple yet gorgeous blog websites. i don't really remember what were the URLs but i tell you, they are awesome. They use a lot of typography to decorate their minimalist theme which makes their blog loads faster and that's really good for traffic, what's more they mix colors very creatively which makes their whole blog looks very unique and special. And that makes me think, why my blog such a noob? Why can't i do what they did. And that makes a conclusion for me tonight, that i'm going to design a new blog template soon, well after my exams are done, of course. :D

i don't really have any designs in mind yet, but i'm going to find out what kind of designs is on the track right now, and i'm going to design my blog the way the trend goes so that not only my knowledge and experience will improve, my traffic will also increase too. :D

well, i just wanna say i'm very excited and i wanna learn something new.

Just now i'm messing with wordpress. why wordpress why not blogger? you already have a blogger so why bother to learn something new? you must be asking. well, i actually ask my sister about that too. why most of the designers rather use wordpress than blogger. well, according to her, wordpress has more abilities and useful widgets so designers like to use wordpress. well, actually what my sister said is actually true, after i mess with wordpress for a few hours wordpress indeed has a lot of abilities like a like button or such. And since i'm going to learn to become one web designers, i have to learn what the designers learn, isn't it? :D

Have you guys tried out wordpress before? is it hard? is it exciting? is it really does more than blogger? comment below and tell me your opinion :D

oh by the way here's a cat typography made by me. well, actually it's for tomorrow's exam. so what do you think?

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  2. hahaha apanya yg cakep dek ?:DDD

  3. hahas welcome back susan :D yay finally too XD i was missing you ;w; anyways i can't wait for your new and improved layout, although i like your current one ^^

    Ooo i heard of wordpress too XD but i'm too scared to try it out :/ might go on it to have fun though :D

  4. @Julie : HAIII DUCKIEEE :'D
    i miss you so much too! if you're here i wanna hug you as tighht as i could! LOL ~
    heehees i had improved my lay tho! not gonna change the entire lay lah, too tired to start things all over again LOL :'D

    LOL wae scared? actually i would love to use wordpress but i was too lazy to learn it so yeah xD

  5. hahas HAI :D!
    awwww really? :O me too XD
    ohhh okay then, LOL i would be too lazy to change my blog design as well ^^" way too lazy but i'll do it some other time when i can :)
    YES i am scared XD it's something new :O!! LOL i see lazy -____- you should go learn ;D then you can teach meee ^^"