How to add a searchbox into your blogger

I know that most of my cybermates are using classic template and since we have to write HTMLs from scratch we might forgot some important things that may be useful to our readers like archives and such, but since our readers refer simple browsing and exploring how about making a search box so that our readers can type and read away with no sweat? ;)

So if you're wondering how to make a searchbox here is the code :

Change the "Go" word to any text like "Search" or "Hit" you want to display in button to hit the search.

Your search box will appear like this below.

If you want to add some styling like this example below :

Use these codes :

So modify any style you like in the style section.

Now if you want to add image in place of search button like below :

*image above is not for distribution

Use these codes :

change "YOURIMAGEURL" above into your desired image.

Done. After modifying the code put your searchbox into desired places in your blog.

If you want to resize the size of the searchbox, change the desired number on the size=" " code. above i use 25 which means 250px, so if you want it 150px, change it into 15.

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  1. i used this :) i have been looking for a styled searchbox with the outline, i love your codes :D thank you ^_^