Dwi Astini, the inspiring blogger

So this is how it goes.

Few nights ago when i was browsing through hundreds hundreds of online journal blog, i stumbled upon her website. Judging by the white and blue layout, i thought it might be another kind of business website or something. But i don't know why, somehow i just can't get my eyes off the website. In fact, i got interested and i wade through every single article of her blog. What makes me stay? Her articles.

If you read each of her articles, you'll realize how much inspiring and talented this girl is. She's capable of choosing the right words to match what she's going to say. Although every article she wrote is from her own opinion, she can make people agree to every little thing she said. For example, this post of her about how Blackberry had poisoned the life of generations. For me personally i really agreed on what she said, to be honest. u__u

Now let's bring it personally.
Who knows that she was a senior of mine when i was in middle-school! :D
She was a very smart kids back then, i remember. She used to be around in every inch of the school, handling OSIS stuff and others. Although she's kinda popular, she never get cocky like other 'bishes' in my school xP
She used to be a tomboy though. Now she's already a beauty like woaaahh :'D
So envy her and her talent.

Here is a screenshot of her website. Do visit her when you have the time!


Sukses ya kak Dwi ;D

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  1. i can't understand her blog anyway LOL..
    and you removed your tagboard? D:
    hehehe i love my nails :P

  2. yeah it's in Indonesian :'D
    but if you can read Indonesian you will love her too <3
    yeah i removed it D:

  3. nampaknya musti bikin versi bahasa Inggris nhe Dek... hahhaa...
    thank you so much for the testimonial yaah Dek... ^0^
    muaachhh for you...

  4. hi Susan! first i'm sorry this ain't commenting on your post.. (i couldn't find your shoutbox!) but would you like to grab my award? :D thanks! >> http://audreysjtalks.blogspot.com/2011/04/creative-blog-award.html

  5. @DwiAstini : hehehe , maaf ya udah ngerepotin xD
    iya sama2 kakak.. :D
    muahh juga xD

    @Audrey S : you know you can always contact through here :D
    but thanks! i'll reblog the award soon :)

    Whr's yr chatbox? 0.0
    Did it run away? Or u juz kidnapped it? :P