Blue jazzy saturday night

Tonight me and my sis went to Takarajima restaurant. If you live at Jakarta it's located on Plaza Adorama 2nd floor, jl. Kemang Raya 17, Jakarta Selatan. It's a japanese restaurant, with lots of food variety from sorts of Sushi to Bento and Ramen. If you go there on Monday - Thursday at around noon, you can have all you can eat for just IDR 89.000,-. very affordable :D

Here's some of the food and the interior pics that i took with my silly ol' bad quality phone's camera, sorry for the messy food, it's just that we're so hungry when the food came we all gobble it and forgot to take a snap of it xD LOL

Here are some of the interior designs:

These are the paintings on the wall that i myself enjoy to admire the most. The woman on yukata is so simple yet so pretty i can't take my eyes of them xD
and no, no bluffing, it's true.

The lamp that hangs above every table

The sauce and spices, and no the container is not dirty, it's just the designs LOL
at first i though the sauce was all over too but i was wrong silly me :P

The cover of the menu book. YEAH i like to took random pics so what.

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, unless one has dined well". Nice one :D

Then after ordering came the food. YUM.

Looks delicious to you? Yeah sorry actually the decorating is pretty but me was too hungry so i eat it as soon as it land down on the table hahahaha it's delicious, you know. you might wanna order the second bowl of these after you eat the first bowl.

California roll.

Emm. This is called chukaa.. something something lah, forgot. it was sis' order so i dont remember LOL. :D

We call this volcano. Real name is volcano something something hahaha forgot too it's also my sis order so i don't really pay attention. This one is tha bomb.

And for the beverages, i chose

CHOCO RAISIN. it's made from chocolate, vanilla, raisin, whipped cream, and most of all that makes this special, RUM. YEAH, BABY. and it tastes kinda liek alcohol hahaha but its actually not.

and other stuff that i didn't took a pic. was too busy eating.

It's unbelievably affordable so yeah if you guys wanna know more about this restaurant you guys can stalk them through here.


So my sis' boyfriend, Gema's band was performing at that restaurant tonight. FYI, his band name is Honeybeat, and they sing mostly Japanese songs. Actually they quite popular in Jakarta Japanese community already, in fact they already have their own fans. Yeah their songs are unbelievably awesome. I love how the vocals sing softly and how they make good use of pianika. More info you can stalk them on facebook and their twitter :D


After that we went to have a stroll and have some snack on outdoors. WE = me, my sis and his bf, and another couple of sis' friend so there are 2 couples while i'm alone. FOREVER ALONE MUCH? Q____Q

and we went home, tiredly.

like wtf do i destined to be miserable or what? i just broke up with Kevin and tonight i have to hang out with two lovey dovey couples? Pfft sad much -________-

BTW i'm so so happy!! finally my blog had reach 100 followers, oh wait, i mean


wooohooo ~ (throws confetti all over)
i of course would like to thank all of you who support my blog and follows my blog, i wish i could know what article excites you guys the most so that i can improve more and make you guys happy but on the other hand i still can blog about my daily life stories :D

comments sure is needed but if you had difficulties or stingy habit for not commenting on people's post tags is acceptable too :P

btw still thinking bout how should i do bout the blog promoting thing though. stay tuned always lah can. ;)

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  1. wow all of the pictures that you took are really pretty! i love the ones that are food related :) i keep thinking of food everyday now 0___0

    wow GRATS! on 100 followers :) i know why they follow you! IT'S BECAUSE YOUR AWESOME <3

  2. lost? the break up thingy?
    well.. told you to think it again...
    Because sometimes a broken glass can be use again, sometimes not
    yeah.. somehting like that

    and yeah.. it's been a long time >.<
    i haven't eat sushi agaiiinnnn!
    sent me sommme *drolllll*

  3. @julie : LOL Juliee xD
    i no took it with good cameras lah so not as good as u say :P
    ohh and shutup u know ure awesomer than me khukhu ;)

    @she : i didnt come back with him kok :O
    tapi kdang still miss him a lot haha

    @akimoto yume : XD XD me too! yum yum ~
    hate sashimi tho .____.
    taste liek salty jelly ewwwhh

  4. ohmen! I want that SUSHI!! throw it away here!!!! :DDDD (drool)

    and oh, why didn't you ask me to join you so we'll stare at that doveys together as our heart breaks XP

    grats to your 100 followers!

    I guess you need to have a giveaway because of that :D

  5. oh yea i forgot, you're one sushi maniac @____@

    eewwwwhh nuuuuuu i dont want chu to suffer more D:<
    i mean i myself i sad enough seeing lovers let alone you @__@

    yaaaay thankiu thankiu xD
    giveaway eeks! @___@

    but im not good at making things how? @__@