April Fool.. myself.


okay so this is what i try or at least have minds to fool people including my sister. it's like i have an unlucky aura in my soul or something. April fools like a boomerang to myself. and what's worse i bring the unlucky the others. T____T

here's the story.
so i woke up at 7am, took a shower and went off to campus to have my usual life. classes, friends, blablabla etc nothing unordinary seem to happen. then when i'm taking a class, Gema (sis' boyfriend) ask if i want to cooperate with him to fool sis on April fools today. okay maybe this is the worst decision i've ever made. Ever. I said yes. I never knew my suffering will come after that. Q___Q

so after a few hours Gema kinda he came up with an idea. so sis tonight gonna work late and we all decided to fool sis that Gema is cheating behind sis. and i was the one who saw Gema cheating with other girl. after that one hour before sis went home from work (of course with her breakdown crying and such in our imagination -__-) we go to her office bringing dunkin' donuts and say "Happy April Fools Day!" to shock her. i thought it was okay so i go with it.

i lied to sis about everything and blablabla. so me and Gema went to dunkin' donuts to buy some donuts. on the way to her office we already like imagining what she'll do to us and others. she's gonna cry so hard or whatever. but when we got there.

DAMN. T_____T

she don't even look like she's mad or what. she's busy doing her deadlines and say "i knew you guys will did this" with her eyes still staring computer wtf =_____=


our imagination is waaaay far from reality. and our plan was failed like soooo failed. argh what thur hell. T_______T

then because of the awkwardness and afraid that we're disturbing sis working, me and Gema go to Mcd to eat. me also haven't eat dinner yet so yeah. after that, we went to sis' office again to wait for her. she asked us to go home first plus she wanna concentrate on her deadline so we went home as she want.

kaysooo we went home through taman lawang which is full of drag queens, and we also through some streets with hookers (i swear those hookers look pretty beautiful i tell you), okay not so important what i'm going to say is we still enjoy the night although the Aprill Fool plan fail


his tyre is broken. and i have to accompany him to fix his tyre. we walked few (okay idk how long it is but it's very fucking far :x) meters from home to find a repair shop.

Gema asked me what time is it. i said it's already 2am++.
he said "nothing good happens after 2am".
so i'm curious what could happen in 2am. nobody's awake, anyway.

who knows we have to wait the repairation for 1 hour accompanied by fucking hundreds of mosquito. T___T
okay not hundreds, but many enough to kill your patience.
you know how fucking annoying mosquito is, right.
kaysoo 1 hour passed, suffering ended.
we thought nothing could get worser than what happen tonight, right.

WHO KNOWS WE GOT CAUGHT BY POLICE. because we didn't stop at red light. thanks to me. i asked him to drive through red lights. T____T
okay srsly. just when we think nothing could get any worser.

shit i'm such a jinx. jinx jinx jinx jinx Q______Q
we went home at 3am--.
he went to sis' office to fetch her again. she already done her deadline. and i'm here blogging.
dammit worst night ever.

and lesson for tonight. "nothing good happens after 2am" so yeah, beware.

and btw sorry for my messy languange and misplace grammar and out of the topic stories, kay. im fucking tired right now. gotta catch some z's now. byw troopers.

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  1. omg your serious? all of those
    things happened? wow :O!!
    somehow it seems like a story
    LOL but yea your not back luck
    susan :D your goodluck!!! ^^

  2. wow!
    girls are easier to cheat. like hey, why is your uniform have blood xD

  3. @julie : yeah all that happens in one night =0=
    i'm so unlucky lol
    yeah i hope so duckie xD

    @amelia : yeah, agree. but smetimes girls who are easy to be scared of are not really scared, they just wanna act scared only so that boys will like to scare her more and play with her :/

    and i hate girls like that.