3 idiots


Last night me and my sis watched this movie; 3 idiots. Judging from the name i thought it must be the boring kind of movie which includes lots of dancing scene and loving, in fact i thought it's a story about 3 man who are in love with 1 woman if you judge it from the cover. but hey guess how much stars i give to this movie? ☆ UNLIMITED. YEAH BABY. this movie is tha bomb. fucking awesome. fucking recommended!!

There are just a few who recommend this movie, in fact, i knew My Name Is Khan movie first than this one. there are only a few who know this movie. but why all the people recommend this movie more than My Name Is Khan? what's more it's an Indian movie. what's so great about it? you must be thinking.

you want to know?

okay so this movie is not like other Indian movies who are mostly tells about love story and whatever. in fact, the love story in this movie is only a walk-on part. and it has a very sweet yet unpredictable ending, unlike any other typical movie endings. you will so gonna say 'aawwww' if you watch the movie till the end i promise.

of course, Indian movie is not Indian if they don't have any dancing scene. LOL yes you guys must be saying 'wtf' already but chill, there's only 2 dancing scene in this movie in fact, the dancing scene is quite enjoyable and the song is kinda catchy :P and honestly me personally never liked dancing scene in Indian movies before. so guess how special this movie is?

and oh, the actors are also tha bomb. First Kareena Kapoor, which is quite well-known already. Second, now this is what makes me quite shocked. Aamir Khan.

Kinda look like Mr.Bean don't you think? :DDDD

Kaysoo maybe you guys don't know who he is. Honestly i don't know who he is too before i watched 3 idiots. -.- So you guys ask what's so shocking about this actor right? Tell you what. this actor, Aamir Khan is actually 40 years old plus already. And in the movie, his role is to be a 20 year old college student and in fact he's quite look like one and quite active to be a 40 year old actor. I never knew till i googled it. Shocking much?

The other two actors are Madhavan (left) an Sharman Joshi (right).

Okay seriously i love Madhavan in the movie cause he's just so fucking cute *w*
oh sharman is actually quite cute too :3

There are a lot of things you can learn and quotes you can pick from this movie. The most famous one is "Aal izz well" (all is well) which means everything will be okay if you believe. And then there's "Make your passion as your profession" and "Follow excellent then success will follow you". i don't really have to explain what's the meaning of the quotes. i just want you guys to just watch it. seriously.

this movie can make you laugh, can make you cry, then go laughing again, in fact it can make you laugh in tears. i swear you will never regret watching this. for you guys who had watched the movie i bet you guys agree with what i said. for those who haven't watched it,

Super Duper Recommended!!

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  1. heyy!! this is an awesome movie!!! :D

  2. I watched this movie too, like last year, I think, haha x]


    Hahaha, okaaaaay x]

  3. XD XD XD XD
    no offence to Indians tho, it's just that it's so weird that i like an indian actor cause i never liked one bfore xD