So today is another odinary day for me; morning classes, tons of pending assignments and busy day ~
played 7 hours of Audition ZOMFG i just realized now come to think of it 0_o
LOL can't help it, work hard play harder has been my motto since i was busy last time ~
or else i can't keep up with my stress i would die.
today i had another LP again for my Audition ID which makes the ring level 16 (cherry) now

LOL my first time evarr :P

tonight when i went home i got lost 0__o
then i went home with ojek, thank God i was okay but i spent quite a lot money for it -__-
damn Jakarta y u so big and wide D:<

btw me and Kevin got no cure anymore -___-
you know what i mean.
but still our relationship is still going only the flame is almost die.
honestly i don't really feel any hurt at all anymore. :|
or maybe i hurt till i can't feel anything anymore, idk.
u just don't wanna care too much, don't wanna hope too much.

kaysoo i think that all, i'm not really into blogging now anymore, it's so boring just updating stuffs :S
more liek tumblr now muaahahaha :DDDDD


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