no time to breathe


Finally i have time to update this blog rather than reblog people's updates. Dang, this weekend is so hard. Tons of assignments, not enough sleep, hard journey going to campus (FYI i need 2 hours of time to go from my house to my campus), and searching for new rent near the campus, and of course, play harder.

So many things that piss me off this weekend, whatever or whoever it is.
The main mood dropper is you-know-who-that-K-letter-boy-is, who i don't have to say much, makes me pissed off all the time.
This weekend he got sick, but he made me sick either. Not physically, but mentally. He already knows that i have lots of assignments, yet he wants me to be care of him 24 hours and want me to like serve him to the fullest. I already tried to fulfill his wish and care for him, but he never seem to be enough. He always complains. He said i NEVER care for him.

Who doesn't get mad? I ask you lah.

So i get rage, now everytime he done anything stupid that piss me off, i scold him like, no more toleration. I scold every thing in my mind (except vulgar word, of course) and every time i scold him, he went silent, and he no more reply my text.

Then i am always the one who apologize and beg him not to be angry. =____=


should i do that? does he deserve it? or should i just walk away?
need someone to talk to, but i don't like talking to someone i'm not used to.

all my friends in college are just temporary mood increaser, but i see no potential listener.
Blog has been the place for my rantings, but i realize my blog got too much visitors like hello, 16,000? =____=
it's personal blog yet so many visitors.

especially those fucking advertisers. go to hell.

so yeah. either keep it inside or spit it out on my blog and be read by others although it's a bit embarassing =__=. i rather choose embarrassed than cutting myself with razor, though.


another huge mood-dropper is my new contact lenses or should i say BROKEN contact lenses.

as i said in my previous previous previous previous previous previous previous previous previous previous post before, i wanna buy a red contact lenses or at least a pink one, right? if you guys have read that post, you guys should know. wont give you the link cause i too lazy to find it. haha. so yeah, my wish had come true.

finally i can buy a red contact lenses YAY.

paid the money etc. Can't wait for the delivery to come.
Then something very unexpected came up.
The seller said the contact lenses delivered here is broken. kinda depressed. =___=
but it's okay, the seller said. i can change it into other kinds of contact lenses.

so i chose the pink one.

waited quite a few weeks cause sis said the seller is going abroad.
i thought she wanna swallow my sis' money already =____=

then one day, the lense came.
excitedly, i quickly open the lens and soak it into my lense water.
i was so happy i tell you.
so fucking happy. i decided to wear that lenses to campus tomorrow, you know.

then night came.
when i was blogging, i decided to take some pics of the lenses to upload and post it in my blog to boast a lil bit.

when i opened the lense box..
i kinda saw a thin piece of hair on my lenses. thought i wanna clean it so i kinda rinse it with the lense water.

it won't go away.

i started to panic, then i ask my sis it's that hair i saw on my lenses?

hoping her to say yes, she actually said:

"your contact lenses had torn."

"your contact lenses had torn."

"your contact lenses had torn."!!!!!!!

totally decrease my mood into minus minus points, i tell you.

i had fucking wait that fucking lenses almost one month to come, and then it came and idk what happens it's torn.
very fucking unfortunate ahhhhh.

so yeah, that's the MAIN 2 things that drags my mood to hell, despite the long journey to campus every fxckin morning and make me always late, assignments, and other silly lil things like how i forgot to bring my wallet this morning T____T


so cute you can't resist it.


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  1. omg so much bad things happen to you ;~;
    first this guy gets you angry
    then your contacts are broken and you waited for it for like 1 month :O!!
    wow i just really hope that everything goes better from now on :D

  2. yeah thanks for caring duckieee T__T
    i hope March would be a great month for me too.
    I hate being in a problems >__<
    YEAH IKR ?

  3. haha. chill sis :)) lol.
    mm, sma ehere, got tons of assignments, tons of things that pisses me off. and btw, yer not stupid, yer just inlove with him, maybe :)
    oh, you can get a new contact lens right ? so chill. haha.

  4. yeah i am. i am in love with him T____T
    and idk why i feel all the things i did for him is all worth it. ahaha although it's silly and stupid T___T

    yeah i can but i have to pay more money for the replacement can you believe it D:<
    like so FML T___T

    thanks for commenting btw! <3

  5. the echo was rly funny tbh, maybe bcoz watched to many animes. XD

    well, he should realize that you rly care for him. he's always the one who complain to you, maybe you should make him comfort you?

  6. LOL i know right?
    ahahahah. idk why i did that also T___T

    yeah, but unfortunately, he doesn't.
    i dont wanna sound mean but srsly, he's one of a most selfish guy ive ever met.

    make him comfort me? i dont think so >___>