it's friday again?


omg i can't believe it's another friday again, time flies so fast :O
and my second last post is on friday too? wtf --"
where is the girl who post on her blog everyday?!! whereeee D:
omg i have to save some time to post on my blog, i still have tons of drawings that i havent upload to this blog yet D:
*failed as a blogger*

yesterday and today was an kind-of-average day, used busway as transportation bla-bla-bla, same old boring routine. but yesterday i went to internet center and "dim" more 7 times there. T____T
i can't help it. i have to. my stress had took me to the highest level.
then i went home and sleep. but yesterday was quite a fun and happy day though cause i made my friends happy and i can stay happy all day till night came although i have to take a busway.

then today was quite a shitty day cause i have to face a very fcking crowded busway and i was scolded by a random fugly woman like this :

"eh sopan dong ga usah dorong-dorong gitu.."

it sounded kinda like that, i forgot what she said --"
and it was not my fault wtf.

the story is like this...

so when i walk to the busway shelter the queue was fcking long so you can imagine how will the inside of the fcking busway be a big chaos with the passenger squeezed together with no space AT ALL to move around.

so when the busway reached to a destination that i wanna jump off everybody was blocking my way in front of the exit door so i was kinda pissed off cause no one gives a fuck so i kinda shoved and pushed everyone away then came this fcking woman blocking right exactly at the exit door. i kinda wait a second for her to give me way hoping she would but she fucking don't care so i kinda pushed her quite hard and she said that --"

the end.

you think whose fault is it?

oh and btw today i drew a boy model, and the model was my senoir --"
the handsome-type of senior that girls would like.
but, duh. i was like, whatever.


anyways i got no more assignments to do (I MEAN FINALLY) and i am freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..
until next week.

next week i'm going to have my mid-term exam already. MID TERM EXAM, PEOPLE. so yeah, wish me luck. wish me can draw a masterpiece. LOLOL that would be liek, impossible.


found this piece of article in someone's blogskin preview. i wanna show this to you guys because i am really speechless of seeing that piece of shit and thinking how true the love is but in a same way how boys have ruined a girl's life, SO BAD, that they didn't know. -.-
omg somehow i think im going to end up like them too. what the fuck choichoi

fucking heartbreaking is it?

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  1. OMG GOODLUCK WITH THE MID-TERM EXAMS :D I'M SURE YOU'LL PASS ;)i know you can ^_________^

    OMG i read the story that you put in your post :O!! what a guy man, like wtf? LOL who does that .___.

  2. yeah, thank you for the wish xD
    yeah, i know right? poor that girl :<

  3. your welcome <3
    yea, stupid guy, LOL D:<