When you’re talking to someone and their spit lands on your face

(source : susandwiasmorojati)

OMG i LOL so hard i can't even stop when i see the pic above. too epic. too fucking hillarious.
today at campus i drew hand and foot sketches. so freaking hard but still easy to do and fun. AND NO ASSIGNMENTS. guess how freaking happy i am now trololol.

i can't really upload the photos of my sketches, but i promise someday i will upload it. promise! just not today. oh, today is rebecca black's day btw. anyone noticed? LOL
i can't even believe my sis didn't enjoy the song. I MEAN IT'S SO EPIC. lolol she hate it to death.

i played Audition for freaking 5 hrs today, just for increasing points for LP. thank God at last few minutes i did it. so freaking happy and glad now my Audition ring is level 21 now (strawberry <3)

i hope me and Sis will move soon. i really can't stand slow internet. T_______T
don't really have something to update LOL oh btw Kevin's really good today <3
i hope he stays forever like that :D

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  1. TROLOLOLOLOL at the pic.
    asdfghjkl$%^&*(HN. cant even say XD

  2. LOL your too addictive to games XD you should stop before you go too crazy, LOL :D

    i wanna play too but i think i'll get too addictive to it that i'll forget about my school, LOL

  3. @clarissa : I KNOW RIGHT I KNOW RIGHT XD i still lmfao whenever i see the pic TROLOLOLOL never stop laughing at it XD XD XD

    @julie : yeah i know T____T but i'm already addicted to it D: can't even stop now D;