drawing spam part II

harlo all how is your weekend going? :D
today i've played Audition all day again, kinda feels like i'm a nerd now =A=

it's been weeks since the last time i update this blog with my sketch, eh? i think imma do this again this time.
i miss spamming my blog with my sketches. although it's not some masterpiece, but it brings back memories.. nyehehehehe

i'll start with the torso sketches i've spoke before in my previous posts and ends with the latest drawing of human from me. this time i'll explain all the sketches details for you guys! hope my posts are appreciated cause upload tons of photos in one time with super slow internet is not as easy as you think D:

okay this is woman's torso :D it's the first time i'm drawing a torso of humans so it's still as fugly as scratches --"
hard, but in the same time, fun. that's why i love drawing and designing rather than calculating mathematics or accounting.

these are all men's torso. can't tell the difference from the woman's, huh --"

then after drawing torso, we were asked to draw human hands and feet with various poses.
and yes, these are all my 'hand' sketches. have you noticed that the fourth one has fuck you signs in it? LOL
yes, i drew that. the lecturer was okay with it so no big deal :P

this is my feet sketches. sorry for the horizontal flip :(
i didn't edit it. it's all natural D:

then came designing pictures. we were asked to draw an animal with various styles. the styles are illustration/realistic, outline, black and white, cartoon, distortion, deformation, stilation, and simplification. okay i've include a link in each words for the definition but i can't find any definition for stilation and simplification so imma explain it myself. stilation is giving swirls to the picture so it's kinda like art noveau. while simplification comes from the word simplify which means make simple out of something.

so i choose a cat (of course) for me to draw. here is the actual photo of what i'm going to draw

here is my 8 drawings with the 8 different styles :

REALISTIC. okay so my realistic picture doesn't look like the actual photo at all. i know. FAILED. must try harder.


BLACK AND WHITE. i know. cool eh? :D

CARTOON. the kawaii one.

DISTORTION. i made the head and chest bigger so obviously it's head and chest was distorted.

DEFORMATION. okay for you who still don't understand what's a deformation. deformation is you ruined all the actual animal pictures with swirls, boxes, lines and such but people still can tell what is that animal just by looking at it. that's a deformation. okay so my english is rusty. sorry if you still don't get it.

this is the STILATION im talking bout, swirls.

last one, simplification. but i forgot to take a photo of it T_____T
biggest regret ever.

then after this assignments, we were asked to draw a child.
child's body proportion is not the same as adult's so it's quite a challenge to draw. plus my model that time moves a lot so it's hard to actually draw a proper one.... T__T

this is the model. i forgot what's her name. you can see she's playing with something :|
that proves that she doesn't stay still and it's hard to draw a moving model D:

first drawing of her, standing.

second, her sitting.

the third, her sitting with one foot folded. ah yes you can see this drawing doesn't look like a human at all. T__T
her foot looks broken wtf

her sitting with side view. she looks like an adult in this drawing. sorry for the horizontal flip ;____;

her sitting in a chair. this is the most successful one. T___T

oh, a bonus for you guys especially the boys!!
a sexy woman drawing with super big boobs


it's my friends :P
but i did add some spices into the drawings tho =A=
LOLOLOLOL but supah sexy right

okay then came friday. we were asked to draw a human, the model is the male senior i was talking about in my previous post below.

my first drawing of him. okay totally looks like a piece of junk. TROLOLOLOL

then second pose of him.

third pose.

fourth pose.

fifth pose of him.

there were actually 20 poses total but i don't have the time to take all of the pictures =A=
cause actually this assignments is quite a challenge.
we had 4 sessions of sketches. we have to draw 5 sketches with different poses on each sessions. each sessions had different times to draw. first sessions we have to draw within 7 minutes each sketches. second sessions we have to draw within 5 minutes each sketches. third session we have to draw within 3 minutes, while the fourth session is 2 minutes. TWO. YES. so what do you expect from a 2 minutes of drawings? Monalisa?

yeah so that's all, imma update this blog with more of my sketch and doodles :D
sorry for my low quality photos, i wish i have a DSLR T_____T
so wanting it right now. DSLR Y U NO COME TO ME DDDDD:
you guys who already had one should be grateful cause a lot of people out there wants it but couldn't afford it ;____;
me should start saving now. MUST!

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  1. wow all of your drawings are SUPER PRO :O!!!! i wish i can draw like you but yea XD when did you like starting drawing? did you take class? :D!!!

    omg i want a DSLR camera too ^^ but too expensive XD going to save up for it >:) hope you get one too :D

  2. Wowza ! You are soooo good :D And the middle finger one, hahahaha ! SO COOL ! :D You know Smarties, I've liked Art before but you've inspired me so much more :D

  3. @Julie : omg not even close to professionals lah but thanks XD
    i draw since i was a little kid, i make doodles and some silly comics :D
    yeah i major arts and design subject in college so i study a lot of drawing and designing now :3

    @genius : LOLOL i know right everybody was like "wtf susan you drew a middle finger sketch?" but i dont care :P
    glad that i inspire you :D <3

  4. keke you are pro XD
    oh no wonder :O!! i guess i've only been drawing since late last year ^^ i was never really that good at it D:

  5. Yeah, you're the artist after all :D You can do whatever you want xDD

  6. @julie : omg noo i've seen ur drawings of chibi bfore and i thought it was cute <3
    you're good, you know that <3

    @genius : lolol yeah 8D

    my posts are all filled with you two's comment LOLOL XD

  7. hahas but thats chibi's XD thats different than what your drawing though ^^

  8. I only laughed from start till finish LOLOL XD
    Cool drawing DX mine's worser :X you cant differentiate which one is the human or animal XD

  9. @julie : well actually i just start to draw something realistic lately too, tho :D
    still not good at it
    mostly i'll draw manga but yeah not as good as masterpiece too --"
    kinda like jack of all trade :P

    @clarissa : OMO xD
    you make me wanna see it xD

  10. omg but still very nice :D
    makes me wanna draw too XD

  11. oh men! gorgeous drawing! i wish you can teach me how to sketch :D