Be strong!

So i overcome the breakdown, and we've settled. I give him one more chance to fix everything, and he agreed. I swear one more time he breaks my heart, i'm gonna leave him. Done. :)

But still everything will be different. i mean just think about it. Quarrel for almost a month, and call names. You think everything will be back to normal again?
Hell yeah, if we pretend.


This week i've been facing lots of lots of drawings; most of them are anatomic drawings and optical illusions. I forgot to take picture of my anatomic drawings (but if i DO remember i wont upload it either cause it's fugly LOL) but i sure took some of my optical illusion project, hell yeah i tell you it's freaking hurting eyes. and the lecturer said the main purpose is to make people got dizzy just by looking at it so HELL YEAH I SUCCEED 8D

you think i'm boasting?

still think i'm boasting about how great my drawing is?

if you didn't get dizzy looking at it, it only has 2 reasons. One, the camera quality of my phone is a shit, or two, you're not a human. So yeah, i made this optical thing few days ago which take my time till 3 A.M in the morning and i have to wake up at 6 A.M that day so you can obviously count how many hours i sleep only. So damn tired lah i tell you -.-

This is one of the reason why i don't blog as frequently as last time when i was on holiday anymore. I have no more time to procastinate Q____Q

I also did a group project yesterday at campus. The project is to make individual mind-map then proceed to brainstorming and drew a picture combination of our individual ideas. I got a theme about Old and Young, so we all mind-mapped into quite a same thing which resulting to these ideas : Old, Young, Lifetime, Activities, Life. We all decided to draw old woman to represents old, a baby to represents the idea of Young, a clock for lifetime, beer for activities (idk why we chose beer also. It's like every activities has to drink beer or what. Still =__=), and flower for life. So we have to combine all those pictures of ideas into one.

What's the result?

Sorry for the horizontal flip =__= It's taken from facebook, that's why :D

So that picture of our group earned us a 78 points. The higher at our class is 80, so i guess ours are good enough already :P

i put a lot of effort in this picture ti be honest, cause i'm the one who drew it (with another one of my friend, Richard, but the idea of the pic still is mine), i colour it (every one puts credit in coloring though), and i add some of the details and shading D: others are like playing around while me moody and get angry easily that time --" sorry, PMS D:

i wanna thank Evelyn also cause she's the one who paint the background black. So she helps a lot too.

Overall good job lah. :D

We drew this for almost 5 or 6 hours -___- i went back home very late yesterday D: luckily i use taxi so no more busway. Spent a lot of money for the taxi, though. T___T But it's better to be safe (and spend lots of money!) than sorry.

This picture is drawn from pencil colours. PURE PENCIL COLOURS NO WATER COLOURS, AT ALL. and it's A2 size so you can imagine how big it is :D (A2 is a paper four times bigger than A4 paper). Lots of my friends, or should i say other team (and also my member groups) ask me why i don't wanna use water colour instead, it will spend lots of time and blablabla. I refuse, cause first i want my group to be different, and pencil colors does better shading so yeah, no water colors (but the background is water color though -___-). They say it will earn you low points and blablabla but guess what, the point turned out bigger than those water color ones. :D

So yeah, i'm proud of this drawing. Love my group member <3


Since this week is one of the most hard weeks i've ever been through i decided to paint my nails black, which turned out quite good on my skin tone. My skin looks way more whiter and i'm so happy bout it. :D

I paint it two layers in my nails. When i paint the second layer my nail polish dropped from table and the paint was all over the floor and even stained my bed sheet D:

So FML LOL but still no biggie lah.


Lately i've been busy working out on a new classic template that i handcoded my self though. Quite hard, cause i've used hover info and inline modal window codes. My skin still fucked up though =___=
so i think imma work it few more days till i use it on my blog, or maybe even post it to Blogskins.

Oh and thanks btw for those who had been using my skins xD
ILY guys <3 <3 <3

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  1. rly dizzy but interesting <3
    r u taking art classes? i notice you're creative with these kind of things. ^^!

  2. LOL thank you :3
    yeah i'm takin art and design faculty so this blog will be spammed with lots of drawing by me xD

  3. oh my! i love that! i love those stuffs which irritates my eyes! LOLjk! :D wewet! :D

    I have something for you in my blog hun, :D

  4. LOL you liek it? D:
    LOL you're not normal hun ahahaha

    what thing? :3
    ]imma check your blog now

  5. hun, i can't leave a message in your cbox :((