Why racist?


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i will blog about today's trip to Seaworld but now yeah, as you can see at the photo and my title, you know what i will blabber about first.

As far as i know, humans are the most clever living thing in the world. Which is proven, in all kinds of living things, our brains are the biggest, and as time flies by, we can see all the technologies and arts and changes humans had made to this world.

But what i really don't understand is, why such thing as racist exist in human species?

i mean, humans admit they're the most clever ones. they know which is bad and good. they know that peace brings happiness. but why in this world people still kill each other just because of their skin colour or different cultures? what do they really think about, which result to this horrible thing to happen?

as far as i know, i don't see any animal species had racist issue.

which i think no matter how clever human is, they still don't have the love nor close relationship like what animals have. for example, if there's a couple elephant, and one of the male or female died, the other one would be very brokenhearted and will not eat and starves themselves to death. or or maybe like a case where a dog would accompany his dead dog friend in the street, and won't let people come near the dead dog. have you ever heard of that? if not, ask uncle google.

what i'm trying to say here is, why people don't have that passion anymore?

most of the animals won't kill each other. they don't difference themselves with race of their species. but why human do that?
i really don't get it.


let me tell you why i would think about this complicated stuffs.

just now when i went home from Seaworld with sis, we talked about a case which occurs in Jakarta few years ago which is 1998 if i'm not mistaken. There's a time where moeslim kills all the chinese people in Jakarta because of something, idk what it is. They kill every single chinese, and they rape them, they abuse them, i don't know. I don't even wanna talk much about it. It's just too scary for me to think about it again. What i wanna say here is, that case it's just too, i don't know, racist. Same organs, same eyes, same nose, same brain, same God's creation. why kill each other just because different skin colours?

Why all people just don't live each other, appreciate different kinds of culture and cherish it together? why have to fight, kill, and differenciate it?

Same thing goes to white people and black people. They also have racist too right? But i don't wanna be too kepoh, cause i know nothing about it so better shut up before someone's offended.

Yeah the main purpose is that i just want all people to stay away from racist things lah, no difference nor hatred among us just because race only. It's just too plain stupid. we all want peace, want harmony and want happiness. why create all those absurb things to create chaos that shouldn't be happening, right?

actually, from my opinion, no offence, religion is the main start from all the racist things. I mean different beliefs, and different worships which result people to say other religion is wrong and make the others offended and start war, right?
what i think is, maybe it's better if they don't have any religion in this world, lah.
Not that i support atheism or what.
But it's just my opinion only.
After all i'm not trying to be a devil or what, we never see God too, right?
from where we know what we worship really exist?
i mean if you see every little things in this world with biological view, they all make sense. but if you see it with your religion views, some are unsolved. right?
but yeah, that's not my main point, of course.

All i want in this world is no more racism.
It's just too nightmare for human being.
All peoples are the same.
Like me, i'm a chinese but mostly i play with moeslim and even have a moeslim boyfriend.
I never mind. They are not aliens, they are humans, like me too.
So there are nothing to differenciate about, like seriously.


Okay talk enough about racism lah, now it's time i talk about what had happened today.

First me and my sis went to sis' office to gather first. I know sis' boss, Iyaz, Yunus, Dinda and her child, Aqila, Ani and Ulfi, Lily, etc etc. (forgot name lol)
we went to Mall of Indonesia first to see Neuborn's design being used by Frisian Flag. (Neuborn is my sis' office name)

Then after that comes rain but that's never been problem for us.
We went straight to Seaworld and i can't wait to start!

I saw Dugong, Piranha, dancing eel, prehistoric fish, Sharks, seahorse, and etc. I even touched a starfish and turtle, how fxcking great is that, lol.
Took a lot of pics but that's later, still don't have the mood to spam photos. lol.

After that we went around Ancol beach and Le Bridge first, then we head to Bandar Jakarta but it's already full of people so we went to Jimbaran Resto which is a Bali themed restaurant. Took some pics with the bali dancers but the photos later. lol.

Then sis sang at the stage. She sang Alicia Key's - If i ain't got you. I wanna sang too, i wanna sang Shania Twain's From This Moment or You're still The one but the staff got no lyrics of the song and i forgot the lyrics so no singing T____T
no that i don't know, it's just that i can't remember when butterfly already in my stomach. lol usual lah, stage fever.

Then we went home, The End.
There's nothing to tell actually, my pictures speaks for me. Gonna spam it soon lah, i promise.
Chao first, wanna play galau Audition. lol

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  1. Wow. Touchy topic. But I agree :)

  2. Animals rock lah, thats why they don't result in prejudice behaviour x]

  3. hahaha yeah :)
    humans now adays are worser than beast.