Weekends :)

Just when to Ambassador to but new glasses for me cause i left my previous glasses at home and i CAN'T live without glasses. Had fun, ate at Chowking and i shall spam photos only cause there really is nothing to say.

That's the glasses i bought. full black frame, glossy style made by HUGO Boss. Bought it for IDR 370.000. My minus for right eye is 4.25 and 4.50 for left eye wtf T___T i really need to stop staring computer or i will surely go blind.

Me wearing that classes looking damn nerdy and yes i know you must be noticed my burnt scar at the tip of my nose. GAWD i hate that auntie >____>

Kaysoo my internet is not-so-good-in-fact-never-been-good-after-all so i think that's it for my short post. Here is extra pic contained doodles that my sis draw.

That picture represents my sis with her favourite color in the BG.

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  1. Oh my lord, I've got almost the same minus o__o. My sunglasses looks like your glasses, hehe. But it's not from Hugo Boss, I've got one from Rayban. ;d

  2. why don't you wear contact lens? I think you'll be prettier without glasses. :)

  3. Nice glasses xD And yr sister drew very well (Y)

  4. @adibah amani : LOLZ hell yeah we're the same 8D
    but i think that's not something we should be proud of, is it? lolol xD
    your sunglasses are that small? :'O
    and how much is your minus? xD

    @kharnyee : i do wear contact lenses but not 24 hours :) this glasses is for me when my eyes is tired from contact lenses only <3

    @Genius : LOL I KNOW YOU WANT IT 8D
    yeah i know right :(
    i wish i can draw as well as my sis but i will be forever noobie ;____;

  5. omg i love the glasses, YOU LOOK CUTE LAH ;)

  6. @julie : I AM SO NOT CUTE WEARING THAT DUCKIE :| i look like a nerd ;____;

  7. YOU ARE CUTE :O! how can you say that lah :( no you dont, LOL i see heaps of nerds on my school and you dont look like one susan ;) and its true <333

  8. @Julie : aawwww Julie you're so sweet ;) thank youuu <3

  9. aw. i envy you for having such glasses! <3

    i went to my doctor last year cause my mom thought i have an astigmatism. but the doctor told me i have a very small/minimal chance of wearing glasses. arrgst! i hate it! (yeah! i really wanna wear glasses. hmmft!)

    my doctor told me my eyes are normally functioning and i need to take good care of them. that's why im not using contact lenses, it may damage my eyes...grrrrrr!

  10. btw, i wanna have short hair too! :D

  11. @lmyx : what's an astigmatism hun? :DD
    lol you can wear glasses too although your eyes are okay, rite? wear glasses without minus one. it's that forbidden too? :O
    and contact lenses also has a non-minus one too, so you can also wear it although your eyes are okay.

    lol why hun? you look great in long hair :D
    i wanna keep my hair long but that took like forever :S

  12. my dad didn't want me to use glasses. any glasses. only shades when the sun is shining brightly. and lenses too. he thought it's for those with eye defects only. :((

    and yeah, i want to cut my hair :D i want CHANGE. haha my hair grows fast.

    forever?? really?

  13. what? noooo :(
    poor you. :(
    but actually what your dad said is true, if you wear those thing it'll only make your eyes hurt :(

    LOL well if you want to ;D
    but i kinda sad if you cut it tho, i mean it look so good on you and so feminime :(

    my hair grows so damn slow.

  14. aw. that's why i never tried to wear those. yeah, poor me :(

  15. and what's wrong with your hair hun?

  16. don't be sad! at least you have a very healthy eyes :3 unlike me =.=

    lol my hair grows very slow =__=