Ups and downs


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Today i didn't go to college. My muscle pain conquers the shit out of me. Hell it hurts, seriously. I've missed 2 classes today, expression drawings and religion. Got one more assignments from ED today, i heard from my friend. Shitz. I still not yet finish my previous assignments i got another assignments waiting already. =A=

shitty college life.

today i played Audition for a whole day. trying to stay my mind away from college complicated life. Time flies so fast when you had fun, eh? It's like night already.
Tomorrow imma have my weekend. Sis said she wanna take me to Sea World but idk if i should go or not. Seriously i rather play Audition at home @___@

Kevin and i fight again like fucking zillion times. I hate it. I hate it!!! GOD please just fix my relationship to normal mode okay. Totally drags my mood down to the bottom. Shit.

Kaysoo short post now. Gotta update tomorrow, i think.
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