tonight :3

i didn't hang out with Viol tonight, feel so guilty. instead i went out with big sis :D
we went to bakso solo to eat our dinner, and then went to airways cafe to chill a lil bit from our days. there was a cafe singer there, and if there's people who wanna sing they can sing. i wanna sing up there like, the stage is calling my soul D: but i'm too shy to go up there myself =="
i asked my sis to go up there with me but she didn't want to D: she said the keyboardist is unprofessional wtf =A= yeah for me he look unprofessional too but uh well who cares? as long as i can sing D:
but oh well, in the end i didn't sing =A=

i always have the urge and spirit to sing whenever i see a microphone wtf D:<
it's like calling me, i always like have the soul to sing D:
but uh well, im too shy =A=

maybe someday i'll record my own sound and upload it in my blog :3
what do you think? heehees :D

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