third and fourth day of CNY

as for the third day, i don't really snap some photos so.. ahahahhah. sorry. went to Timezone with few of my girls and played DDR with them. had had some fun :P

as for the fourth day, me and my girls went to Vihara to spam some photos in camera. :P

my look of the day. yeah yeah still that pink cardigan, with white gown.
i have to wear that cardigan! my back look hideous after a treatment from my mom's friend D:< you ask what's that? i better not talk about it.

my bestest friend, Siti <3 i love her to death, i swear. PLEASE NO RACIST OR I'LL SLAP THE HELL OUT OF YOU AND SNAP OF YOUR NAILS.

four of us. from left to right : Refina, Viol, Siti, me.
posed in front of Buddha's statue xD

err, this is just some extras.

then after that me and my family (me, sis, and bro. mom went there to but she hanged out with her friends so 3 of us have the meal) went to Akau and ate 3 bowls of fish porridge, 1 plate of O luak, 15 stick of Sate, 1 bowl of chicken soup, 4 pieces of fried foods, 2 plates of grilled fish, with 3 glasses of tea and 3 glasses of plain water. i was about to order Cendol but mom called us go home already =.=
that's a lot of food you say? nah, not for me. i'm still hungry, after eating those. i tell you me, sis, and bro are really good eaters. i mean our stomach are all blackholes, i don't know. we eat a lot. LOL

after that we went home and have some family good time. but i was too tired so i went to sleep first.


lately, i don't really had some time or mood to update my blog. life has been a lil' bit bitchy to me, and my mood has been swinging unstably. as for Kevin, i sensed some difference from him. i don't know. we don't text as much as we do last time. he always says he wanna be alone. i don't know why. that makes my mood go down drastically.

btw pardon me for my English. i just dont really had mood to use some grammar or whatever. i just say whta's in my mind lol.

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