second day of CNY

second day of chinese new year

my look of the day. casual tanktop with pink-orange cardigan and some comfy jeans :3 still with my drop dead gorgeous heels lol

from left to right : my bro Juwarto, me and my sis Ika. Juwarto is sooo ruining the whole photo with his photobomb face :x

me and sis with mom behind as photobomb. WHY ME AND SIS NEVER HAD A PROPER PHOTO D: D: D: always got photobombed lol

around 5 pm, we went to Pizzahut. took some narcist photos. so camwhore me =A=

lol this image is so cool i even put it as a facebook profeile pic, and so does my 2 other siblings lol xD

now it's my time to become a photobomb muahahahahaha >:D

after going to Pizzahut i went out with Pinge, Viol, Siti to Ramayana to play photobox, but its closed. so we went to MS instead to hang out. since it's my first time ever to hang out with them when i came here, it's a bit awkward and i made some awkward talks and moves, but after that it's okay lol :D
gotta spam photos again tomorrow.

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  1. I <3 your outfit.. haha But maybe if it was me, I wouldnt wear it with jeans.. haha I just love showing off my legs.. lol

    your brother is soooooooooo cute.. I wanna pinch his cheeks..

    and since u mentioned pizza hut.. now, im starving

  2. lol :3
    hahha well, since i dont really like to wear shorts, i just match it with long jeans.. ^___^

    oh you dont know him yet >__> he is one rebel boy..

    lol you should go to have something to eat :DD