Never been hiatus before.

Hurlo people, long time no see eh. It's been weeks (i guess?) since the last time i update this blog. I apologize lah, cause college has started and i already had tons of things to do.

Kaysoo these weeks there are a lot of things happening in my life. Well, for instance, college life. I wanna tell you a lot about it.

Many people had changed their looks lah, i tell you. So many people dyed their hair, including me myself. LOLz. Then also this semester we are taught how to draw a proper realistic human with lots of steps to be done. Well, i hate that but in the other way i'm excited as well. Can't wait to learn more but no assignments please T___T it's killing me, seriously. Since college starts my time to rest has been decreasing 99%, true story.

I apply for gym, which is very new for me, in fact i've never touch or see the machines or whatever they call in real life before. This week's tuesday is my first time to use the things; i used treadmill, and other machines that i dunno what it's called. Sit up done quite extremely which result to my muscle pain at the stomach area now. T___T today i can't even walk with straight body i tell you. I have to bend my body to front to walk without pain. Even jumping, laughing and sneezing cause the pain. I ask Kevin he said my muscle had ripped wtf. Scares the shit out of me o__o hopefully i'm okay.

Today's college life is one hell of a shitty day. Makes me wanna blabber ad complain so much.

You see, i got this public lecture about "climate change and it's impact on southeast asian urbanization" to attend on at 09.00AM in the morning. i woke up at 07.31AM which i had to rush so that i wont be late. So i rushed and when i was on the way to campus i realized i forgot to bring my handphone and assignments that i had to submit today ;____; damn angry i tell you. So since it's already on the way i decided to went to the campus to attend the lecture first then when it's done i quickly rush back to home to get my assignments. BTW the lecturer is Prof. Victor R Savage from NUS anyone knows? haha.
So okay, lecture done, right? So i rushed back and take all the assignments and my phone. When i went home i use busway it took about 1hour + and drains my energy drastically so when i went to campus i decided to use Taxi instead T____T can't help it lah. Have to fucking spend money lah or else i die ah. Still has the muscle pain you know so walking = die.
So i go to campus right, i have my class. THEN YOU KNOW WHAT, THIS PART MAKES MY DAY LOOK LIKE SHIT. THE LECTURER TOLD US DON'T SUBMIT THE ASSIGNMENTS. She fucking said that the assignments submit at Mid-term aja. Damn so my whole going back to home to take assignments thing was a TOTAL waste of time, money, and energy. How fucking great is that.

So yeah, that's my whole shitty college life, i tell you.

If i got no rent ASAP near the campus, i surely will die.
Oh that's also another problem but i don't wanna talk about it now.

Okay, second, my love life, which is Kevin. Hahaha. Our relationship at middle February is drastic lah. Same bored, same lazy, don't have any sparks or whatever thing. But now it's fixed, so i got nothing to tell.

Lately i play audition very frequently, or should i say i now play it 4 hours a day to equal my hard work. Knows a few people from different cities, and my ID also had married, above is the screenshot, and my nickname now is no mote sansan93 it's -SYN--Mugi-San. Yeah, i know, K-ON members. I love her that's why i use her name.

Kaysoo i think that's all, i don't wanna write too much, i have to rush my assignments now or else got no more time. Sorry i won't blog as much as i do before now cause u got a lot of things to do and my internet has been a bitch to me so yeah.

P.S : Sorry, won't reply your tags and comments anymore. got no time. But still keep tagging. Important ones will be replied, of course.

P.P.S : Photos above me is taken by my sis. Can't wait to watch Rango! Well, if XXI still allow foreign movies, of course. :L

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  1. omg your college life seems more harder than highschool :0! and i thought i was having a hard time, LOL

    yay i'm happy that your love life is back on track and everything is going well for you 2 :D

    hope you come back from hiatus soon <33

  2. LOL no you're not, in fact you hadnt seen anything yet D:

    hehehe thanks! thanks for caring :)

    hehehe i hope so, lately im so into Audition games, idk if i still has this passion for blogging xD