meh. friend?

usual day, nothing special, done a lot of cleaning and stuffs. i as mom can i go out tonight she said yes. LOL finally i can meet my friends. yeah, friends. that's what i wanna talk about.

so i was so busy these days i can't meet up with all my friends, but some of my friends are like kinda forcing me to meet faster. i mean wth dude, can you be a lil' patient? then one of my friends was like wrote on my wall a word so hurting, kinda like this;

well, miss, it's not that i wanna say you or what. but you said something like that, isn't it too over? i mean, online is totally different from hang out with friends. it's just need few minutes of time to online and clickidie click, done. but different from hang out. it needs 2 or maybe 3 hours of time. why do you compare it? and i thought you understand, since you know me the longest and you know how my mom would scold at me if i hang out at the time like this. still!

i'm so dissapointed of you.
but well, uh, i forgive you cause you're my best-friend, at least i still treat you as one.

tonight i only hang out with viol. the 2 others can make it. one have kenduri, the other goes out with her bf to celebrate birthday.
great, when i have time everybody else don't.

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