How to make a private post on Blogger.

the password for below is = iloveyou.

here are steps on how to make a private post like above.

Step 1 : Go to dashboard, click template, and paste this code into your HTMLs. make sure it's between <head> and </head>.

Step 2 : Go to this website [link]

Step 3 : As you can see, there are Key, Plain Text, Cipher Text, HTML Code, and HTML Test form. the Key form is for the password you want to open your encrypted post, like the iloveyou password above. enter any password you want in that form.

Step 4 : Write whatever you want to make private in the Plain Text form. anything you write in that form is going to be encrypted later. You can put anything in there, it supports HTML languange too.

Step 5 : After you write down what you want in the Plain Text form, click the button Encrypt under the Plain Text form.

Step 6 : As you can see after you pressed the button, there are some codes at Cipher Text form and there are HTML codes in HTML codes form. Copy what's inside the HTML code form and paste it into your blog post. Done.

As you can see, below the HTML Code form there are HTML Test. That is an example of how your private post will look like later.
You can change it into Standard type, Inline type, or *** type. the button is right under HTML Code form.

i hope my tut helps, and i know my English sucks to the max. but if you need more help from me or you are helped by my tut, please comment on this post, kays?

thank you :3

(you might wanna read this post too [link])

Edit : maybe in XML templates this will not work, cause the javascript is not supported by the XML template. If this problem comes up, try replacing the above javascript with this instead.

it's a bit long though, cause i hacked the javascript and add a lil bit something inside the script to make it usable in XML template.
Copy and paste this between <head> and </head> codes and it should be okay now.

If more problems comes up comment on this post. Thanks

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  1. thanks for sharing this hun! this is really informative and helpful! :D i love you for this! now i understand :D

  2. @Lyshane That's because you're using upgraded template, which is XML template so it didnt accept your HTML codes.
    Let me edit my post a little and teach you how to use it on XML templates

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Im sry is also cant....sry to BOTHER you have other 'private post' tut for me ?
    THANK YOU !!

  5. @Lyshane what seems to be the problem?
    try making a private post for me and let me see it

  6. sry im lazzyy ... haha THANK YOU again byee
    Followed =D