fuck cny to the max.


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happy chinese new year to you and you.
may happiness always with you guys and
have lots of angpaos.

i have to say, this chinese new year SUCKS TO THE MAXIMUM LEVEL. uh, well, in fact, every chinese new year in my whole life sucks, except for the time when i was little and i don't have to care for every fucking things that adult have to care for.

why does it sucks? isn't it a wonderful event that onlyu happens once a year?
isn't it wonderful that you can reunion with your family and friends and have fun?

well i tell you why.
my mom is a complete beep (beep is a word of sound used for covering vulgarity words). well i'm not saying anything rude, is that she really really gets on my hella nerves. REALLY REALLY. im not exaggerating. you can ask my sis. thank God me and sis has been facing her for like 17 years and more. we know how to be patient. but still.

reunion dinner is supposed to be happy and family joking around going on. but no, not my family. we only joke around for like few minutes then after that whole night is a complete blah for me. i can even watch chi bi peacefully wtf. *sigh*

i really can't stand it living in this house for too long. it's like, it don't have the feeling of family at all, you know what im talking about?

every time cny is coming, me and sis are like full time TKW. can't even have a rest. mom never do any houseworks then after we come every work is like done by us? idk. i just am tired.

really really tired.

i really hope that someday everything will be changed. like, 100% changed.
but i know, as long as mom still living in this racist place, everything will never change.

fuck away if you don't like this post. i dont ask you to like it.

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  1. maybe you should try lighten the mood too? Somebody has to do that job!:D

    tbh, i called my mom curse words too but when i see her getting old... kinda got teary. T___T especially after watching Bejamin Button. that was a good-boring-but-good movie!

  2. yeah still, its hard. :/
    my mom always making stuffs that makes me mad.

    benjamin button? ive heard bout that :D
    well i'll try to watch it ;D