first day of CNY

first day of chinese new year

my look on the first day of CNY. got a cute pink laced dress and my super drop dead gorgeous heels a gift from mom

my close-up look =A= so fugleeehhh aahhh

this is my super gorgeous heels. 9cm tall :D

side look

spam another time LOL

this is my sis heels. snake skin made. 13cm tall wtf


this is my cousin's first daughter Angel. SO CUTE WTF feels like wanna pinch her hard and throw it like a ball aaaahhh *scream*

so hard to catch a proper photo of her since she likes to move around and laugh xD she's so active.

then this is my cousin's second daughter, Vion. only smaller than Angel for 1 year. exact age of both of them? idk, didn't ask =A=

will spam my second day of CNY tomorrow, stay tuned :D
and one more thing.
i need you guys help! my hunnie Lmyx is having a domain contest and SHE NEED YOUR VOTE. click here to vote her. her link is so don't vote wrong okay!

thank you :3

[Edit] GOD i made a mistake, last time i wrote me and my sis' heels 9 inch and 13 inch tall wtf xD.

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  1. homigash! those shoes are lovely! I want one too! :D but I'm looking for acne shoes, but unfortunately, i can't find one here in our place. I'll go to other city just to have one. :D We have a trip again on monday :D but this time, with my family :D Angel's so cute! as well as Vion, nice name huh! :D

    and HUN, thanks a lot for that "plug" about the contest. thank you so much! :D i hope you'll vote me everyday. :D (that's a demand actually, haha! kidding.)

    ps. that blue eyed girl is so pretty, can I ask her out? haha!

  2. hehehehe :D
    oh really? what's acne shoes btw? i never heard of it :'O
    and yeah they are so cute xD if only you could see them in person xD

    thank you :3 :3 of course i will vote everyday! you're my hun x3

    lol noooooooooo she is soo not pretty who are you kidding with xD

  3. er... susan...
    9 inches = 22 cm
    13 inches = 25,4 cm
    are you sure it's that tall? LoL

  4. @anon : gawd i'm so embarrased xD yeah lol i made a mistake, it was supposed to be 13cm and 9cm only but i kinda lazy to edit the post LOL :P
    lol i think imma edit it bfore somebody else sees it and complain :P