Day 3: Eight places you want to visit.


  1. PARIS. that is sooooo the first place i wanna visit. i wanna have my honeymoon there, i wanna have my marriage over there, i wanna live there! Hope my wish come true amen. LOLz
  2. I must say Egypt though. They are so many mysterious thing there, i wanna explore one by one of those things. It's a pleasure and a blessing, if i cant go to there.
  3. Phillipines! Because my hunnie lives there and my pornie too xD i wanna meet them :3
  4. The moon ~ LOL idk, maybe i'm just curious. If i had the chance i wuldn't be that brave either :P
  5. Timezone. LOL, i want this so bad. I wanna play Pump! so freakin bad. Kinda out of the topic but hey, it says places. LOLz
  6. Kevin's home :( I miss him.
  7. Lawang Sewu. Last time when i visit Kevin i don't have the time to visit that place. It is said that that place is kinda sacred and ghostly. .___.
  8. Museum, especially museum in that "Night at the Museum" movie. So exciting :O
  9. Studio. :| a band studio.

But maybe 50% from what i wrote above won't get granted though cause me personally are phobia of heights .___. LOL, and that's not something to be proud of, i know.

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