Day 2: Nine things you can't live without.

There are quiet a few for things that i can't live without, actually. But if you want me to sort the nine most important things, i think i have to go with these nine things. :D

  1. My family. Obviously they are the only peoples who never betrays me and want the best out of me. They are also the peoples who had raised me this big, and if i lose one of them i would like so breakdown. No matter what happens they still is the most important thing in my life, especially my mom. :) Mom, i love you so much although you always nag at me.
  2. My handphone! Like, that is the most certainly thing i can't live without. Why, you ask? Because that is the only way me and Kevin can communicate, duh? (well not literally the only way lah, but it is definitely the easiest way!) Besides that, this world is so hi-tech already, like if you don't have a handphone you're so gonna be doomed, don't you think? Like your life gonna be upside down or something.
  3. Well i have to say the third is Kevin. LOL. But this is an exception though cause anything will happen and anything will change by the time.
  4. Water. Like, duh?
  6. Internet? I don't know, this is getting tough :S
  7. Oxygen. LOLz why did i even forget this :DD
  8. Clothes. HAHAHAHA I'm getting out of the topic, aren't i?
  9. Last one, cats.

I didn't put friends in my list cause that's somehow not the thing i can't live without, since in my life there are several times already when my own bestest friend betray me or dissapoint me by backstabbing or such. But i have to say, my current college friends are so rocking and i love them to the core. xD

BTW, there's a private post here. Quite a personal thing, but if you wanna read, go ahead. Tell me what's your twitter account and i'll tag you guys the password on twitter. My account is @SusanKucing, by the way. feel free to follow :)

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